He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


18. 20 questions

Niall's POV

"I c-cut myself?" Paige asked, her knuckles were white they were clutching the knife so tightly. 
She looked at me with her red, tear-filled eyes and instantly dropped the tool with the blade soaked in her blood. 
"C'mon. We're gonna fix you up." I swallowed nervously, unsure what to do. 
"Please don't tell Liam." She begged, her hollow eye sockets full of worry and pain. 
"I won't." For now...
"Thank you." She sighed. 


I had Paige snake one of her arms around my neck and then steadied my arms behind her back and under her legs. Carrying her princess style, I sat her down on the edge of the guest room bathtub so I could clean her cuts. 
I grabbed a cloth and some cleaning fluids for infections, and applied a bunch of it to her left leg. Paige winced at the stinging spray, but otherwise remained still and silent. 
"Why did you do it?" I blurted out when I finished getting most of her blood off her legs. 
"I don't even remember doing it... I just remember feeling at peace, safe..." Paige mumbled in a daze. 
"Don't hurt yourself, Nate was bad enough. Don't you want a break from the pain of abuse?" I whispered to her gently. 
She sighed and looked at me. 
"You don't get it... The pain is never gone. Someone I loved. Someone I trusted with my entire fucking heart hurt me!" She sobbed. 
"But by killing yourself, you're letting them win!" I argued. 
"At least it stops the pain." Paige snapped. 
I pulled her into a hug and stroked her hair, hoping to calm her down. 
"I trusted him, and he hurt me." She repeated. 
"Shhh, it's alright. I swear I won't ever hurt you like he did." I frowned into her hair, feeling Paige's wet tears on my thin shirt. 
She sighed and pulled back to look at me before whispering, "I know."






"What's your favorite place to eat?" Paige asked me with a lopsided grin. 
For the past couple hours we had been asking each other questions, growing to know each other well. 
"Nandos." I chuckled, most people knew my obsession. 
"No way! Me too!" She giggled. 
"But..." I stopped short, not wanting to upset her. 
"But I don't eat?" She guessed. I nodded shyly and waited for her to continue. 
"I do eat. I love to, I just haven't in awhile and I need to get used to it again." Paige said casually. 
"It will get better, you'll see." I gently held her hand. 
"When I was in my coma... I-I heard you. That was why I woke up. You gave me the strength to open my eyes and speak." She confessed. I squeezed her hand gently like we had done in the hospital and gave her a reassuring smile. 


"How about I take you out to Nandos tonight?" I offered. 
Paige bit her lip and thought before replying, "I would really like that."
"Good. I was hoping you would say that." I grinned. 
"Ok you're turn to ask a question!" She laughed. 
"Hmmmm." I hummed, thinking hard. 
"Actually, asking me out counted as your question!" She decided. 
"What? No fair!" I whined. 
"You got an answer, didn't you?" She joked. 
"Fine. Ask away." I chuckled. 
Paige looked around the room, her eyes lit up, then she shot into the air and ran to a corner of the room to get something. 
"Whatcha doing?" I asked. 
Paige was back before I finished asking the question with my guitar in her hand. 
"Could you play?" She asked. 
"How about I teach you?" I smirked. 
Paige looked giddy with happiness. 
"Yes! Please!" She exploded. 
"Alright, come on over here." I laughed, situating myself on the couch and tuning my guitar. 

"Ok, so start simple by putting these fingers here, and this hand here." I instructed, gently lifting her hand to where it needed to be. 
"And then what?" Paige's eyes were sparkling with eagerness, making me chuckle.  
"Alright, then you should press these fingers down and strum the cords around here.........." 
I watched her beautiful, freakishly thin face as I continued to teach her how to play, excited for our date tonight. 

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