Yes my dad’s the whole deal, evil, pitch forking, torturing, fiery devil that lives in hell instead of up a cliff top. Deal with it.

My name is Death Hunter. I never meant to. I didn't know what would happen. But I did. I broke the rule. And now its coming.


5. Devil.


She was upset. Dee hadn’t left her room since we’d killed him which was, given the circumstances, very understandable. She thought he had gone to heaven with the other children where she couldn’t follow.

That wasn’t the truth.

I will forever tell her this lie as the truth will hurt her too much.

Living In-between worlds even for a second is the worst crime imaginable and although it was forced upon him the court still sentenced him to eternal punishment. He is locked in the depths of hell where she will never go and there he will remain forever with no chance of redemption.

Maybe it is cruel of me not to tell her but I have no choice. If she ever finds out she will break the rules again and she is on thin ice as it is so to speak. I tell myself that I do this because I am the devil it is in my nature to be cruel but I think the real reason for my silence it to protect her from the pain. The pain she would feel if she ever knew.

So she will never know where he is. It would break her heart.

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