Yes my dad’s the whole deal, evil, pitch forking, torturing, fiery devil that lives in hell instead of up a cliff top. Deal with it.

My name is Death Hunter. I never meant to. I didn't know what would happen. But I did. I broke the rule. And now its coming.


3. Devil.


I stared down at the phone that just moment ago had had my daughter’s voice pouring out of it. Perhaps it was cruel of me to make her take the souls of the people she had been sharing class with but she was death surely she could handle a gas leak and besides I was the devil. But there was something wrong this time, I could feel it like one off note in the chord of the universe, a tiny change but all the more obvious for it.

What was it? I tilted my head back to stare at the ceiling of my office. It was a nice office with white walls, a solid wooden desk and for some reason a palm tree sat in one corner.

The sound of a chime ripped through the room ripping the majority of the leaves of my tree and throwing my papers across the room. She couldn’t of. Surly even she would know that…

“Damn!” I ran over to my computer to check the new arrivals from the school. “No way.” I muttered. Then louder “Even she wouldn’t do that!” I ran out of the room grabbing my coat on the way.

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