Yes my dad’s the whole deal, evil, pitch forking, torturing, fiery devil that lives in hell instead of up a cliff top. Deal with it.

My name is Death Hunter. I never meant to. I didn't know what would happen. But I did. I broke the rule. And now its coming.


4. Cass.



“Aggggghhhhh!” I sat up in my bed panting from the nightmare. Groaning I put my head in my hands.

Twelve chimes. How was that important? I’d lost my best friend in the fire but for some reason all I could think about was eight chimes. The first, I’d heard when Dee pulled me out of the building, when it all changed. Since then I have heard eleven more with them growing louder each time.

I can see things now. I know they are real but everyone else is blind to them. Like with the chimes. When I’d asked someone about them they said they hadn’t heard anything and I believed them but Dee… she could hear and see these things as well but she…

I shivered. Just thinking about her made me afraid. The way her face had changed into halves,  one half girl…

“The other half skeleton. I know it’s not a good look.”

I twisted my head around to see who had spoken although I already knew it was her, the devil girl, the one with half a face.

“I’m no more demon that you are,” said the monster “actually I tell a lie but I am not a monster.”

Dee had changed that day. After she’d pulled me out of the building I’d felt a jolt or something along those lines that told me I was living on borrowed time. Her face that was once so perfect had changed so that the flesh was stripped away at the half way point of her face revealing the gleaming white skull beneath.

I gestured helplessly to her “But you’re…”

“Face? Yeah it’s a bummer. This half” she gestured to the skull “is the death from folk lore and legends whilst this “She pointed to the other side “Is the face poets and some particularly depressed soldiers write about.”

“So you’re death then?”


“Right. Right that’s fine then.”

“Is it?” The human half of her face smiled but the other side didn’t for obvious reasons “wonderful!”

“No I was being sarcastic. And I’m not a demon at all! What do you mean? And how come no-one else can hear the chimes?”

“I’m sorry.” She said slowly “But I’m not in your room, I’m in the one next door and you are ignoring the wall.”

“No I’m…” But then I realised that she was right and I was looking through walls “how am I?”

“Well about that umm…”

At this point a tall man in a long black coat entered the room. He had sharp features that made you think you couldn’t trick him no matter how clever you were, I could have almost thought him human if he hadn’t come in through my wall and had two twisted horns coming out of his head.

“Allow me to explain.” He pulled up my bedside chair and flopped into it sighing dramatically. “You were supposed to die in the explosion and my daughter was meant to take your soul but, as I am sure you can tell, she didn’t so now the universe is confused. You are halfway between the world of the living and that of the dead meaning that you can see things as what they really are.”

“But that’s good right?” I was confused. Who was this person?

“No. Not exactly.” It was Dee who had apparently walked through the wall to stand next to her ‘father’ “There are people who aren’t happy with you seeing this.”


She smiled wryly “Think of them as a cleaning crew with knives.”

I nodded.

“The chimes” muttered the tall man staring up at the ceiling “They will come on the thirteenth chime and it will not be you they kill. My daughter will also die and I don’t want that…” he trailed off leaving me to deal with the realisation of what he had just told me.

“So if we wait until the thirteenth then I will live but she” I gestured to Dee “will die. But if I let her kill me now then they won’t come at all and this can all be forgotten?”

She smiled sadly and whispered “yes”.

“Well then” I sat up properly in my bed ignoring my pounding head. I was being asked to choose between my life and a girl I’d just met. I’d always thought that if faced with a choice like this I would choose my life and save looking like a romantic idiot but now I wasn’t so sure. I couldn’t live life knowing that I was meant to be dead and that I had condemned someone to their grave in order to live. So I made my choice and two words that I had never expected to utter passed my lips: “Kill Me.”

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