Yes my dad’s the whole deal, evil, pitch forking, torturing, fiery devil that lives in hell instead of up a cliff top. Deal with it.

My name is Death Hunter. I never meant to. I didn't know what would happen. But I did. I broke the rule. And now its coming.


1. Cass.


Bring… bring… bring… bring…

I looked up sharply from the food I’d been shovelling down my throat and towards the door, the crazy amount of doorbell rings signified that Jack- my best friend- was at the door, I knew it was him for the simple reason that no-one else was impatient enough to ring more than five times and right now he was verging on seven.

“Ok, ok I’m coming!” I yelled scooping up my backpack as I ran for the door determined not to let him break the doorbell. I yanked the door open to see a scrawny looking boy of about fifteen looking at me through his too long blond fringe.

“God you look terrible.” Said jack gesturing to the brown birds nest on top of my head. I frowned; I could never get my pathetic excuse for hair to lie flat.

“Right back at you.” I smiled as we started walking down the path to school. I’d long since given up thinking of an insult to throw back at my one and probably only friend- the guy was a word ninja.

“So Cass are you looking forward to fantastic Thursday?”

“Do you have to make everything rhyme? And no. I’ve got double maths.”

“Good for you.” We didn’t talk for a while but it was a good silence. That was probably why I liked Jack- he didn’t talk to anyone but me and his family often but when he did branch out he made every word count towards its purpose, whatever that may be.

I looked at the familiar buildings and streets as we walked past, nothing ever happened here. These buildings hadn’t changed for as long as I could remember, the most exciting thing that had happened all month was some poor women painting her house blue instead of keeping it to the uniform brick that lined every street.

“There’s a new girl starting you know.” I looked away from the walls, annoyed that he’d broke my chain of thought.


“A new girl- she’s starting in school today but no-one’s seen anyone new move in.”

“Well we’re the only school for miles around, maybe she lives out in the country of something.”

Jack snorted “It would need to be some seriously desolate country- we live about as far in the country as you can get without being three isolated houses on a cliff top.” He looked at me in mock surprise, his eyes wide “That’s it! She lives on a cliff top!” 

I laughed “I don’t know about that but you’d need to be seriously crazy to come to this school.”

“Yeah” he grinned “mental.”


 We stopped outside my maths classroom.

“Well it was nice knowing you soldier.” My friend patted me on the back encouragingly.

“If you hear the sirens call my mum.” I wiped away a pretend tear.

“Sure thing buddy now go in there and fill that head with…” he peered round the door at the board “algebra, didn’t we do that in year four?”

“Yeah but obviously umpteen times isn’t enough.”

“Well I’d love to stay and chat but I have a lesson to get to.” He spun around on his heel and walked of.

I was the last one in the class and the only spare seat was on the desk next to a girl I didn’t recognise making her the mysterious ‘new girl’.

“Hey” I said as I slid in next to her.

“Hi” she said brightly as she looked up. I had to stifle a gasp- she was amazing! Her skin was pale and flawless framed by black hair tumbling down to just below her shoulders in waves of silk. I must have been staring because her voice brought me back to reality.

“Umm hello? She frowned “is something wrong?”

“Ugh no it’s just, I haven’t seen you around before.”

“So is it a custom for guys to stare at new girls like they’re aliens?”

“Nope, sorry.” I took a deep breath, this girl could rival Jack in a word war “I’m Casper.”

“Like the ghost?”

I sighed “Yeah, like the ghost. And you are?”

The teacher chose this moment to intervene “Now some of you may have noticed that we have a new pupil today. Would you like to tell us about yourself?” he glared at her with a look that said ‘Talk- or else’ she must of got the glare because she took a deep breath and stood up.

“Hi. My name is Death Hunter and in case you hadn’t noticed I don’t carry around a long stick with a blade on it so can we stop those jokes now please. My family’s a bit strange and for some reason decided to name me after this guy they’d read about though I was quite clearly a girl. In my spare time I like rock climbing and caving- I don’t play any musical instruments.” She dropped down into her chair burying her face in her work books.

The teacher looked slightly taken aback but told everyone to spend the next two hours working through their text books.

Sighing I set myself up with books and pencils before setting to work.

“So Death huh?” I said not looking up.

“Yup” she didn’t look up either “that’s my name but my friends just call me Dee.”

“Ok Dee” I glanced sideways to see her smile down at her book “Where you going for lunch?”

“Well I was going to hang round with my friend.”

“Who’s that?”

She turned her head sideways to grin at me “guess”.

“You know that hanging around with me and Jack will be social suicide right?”

“Sounds fun. So I’ll see you at lunch then.”

“Yeah, Kay then.”

We talked a little bit after that before falling into a compatible silence.

Eventually the bell rang signalling the end of torture. For a moment I wondered if Dee had forgotten about lunch but she fell into step with me as I started to make my way toward the lunch hall.

“So you haven’t changed your mind about social suicide?”

“No I’m game ‘friendly ghost’.”

“Ok let’s get something straight here” I stopped walking and turned to face her “I don’t joke about your name and you don’t joke about mine. Got that?”

She nodded and we started walking again. “So this Jack guy…”


“What’s he like?”

“Well he could talk for England, needs a haircut and thinks you live in an abandoned house on a cliff top.”

“Oh really? Were you talking about me?”

“You’re the most interesting thing that’s happened here since Mrs Reed lost her cat, nothing ever happens here.”

“Great. Wonderful to be compared to a cat.” Dee laughed as Jack ran up.

“Cass! You’re still alive! I heard about you and the new girl sharing a desk and I must say you pulled through miraculously. I heard she’s a right weirdo” Dee coughed quietly “yeah she probably lived up with wolves in a cave somewhere “ Dee coughed loudly “and her names Death I mean can you believe it…” The sound of a mega coughing fit sounded from Dee as she tried to get Jacks attention. Everyone in the corridor stopped to stare.

“Sorry” she said brightly “all this time living with wolves in a cave plays havoc with your lungs.”

It took Jack a while to catch on. “Umm hi.” He said awquardly to Dee.

To her credit she didn’t get mad at all just a look of faint curiosity crossed her features as if she was puzzled at why she wasn’t cross.

“Hi” she grinned “I was just about to catch lunch with my new best friend Cass here and this dude called Jack. Have you seen him?”

“No, nowhere in sight. Who’s jack? I don’t know. Do you know who Jack is Cass?”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Ok fine.” He raised his hands in the air in surrender “you got me I’m sorry I offended you.” Jack stared down uncomftubly at his shoes.

“No its fine, I was finding it quite funny actually.” She gave her brightest smile thawing everyone including Jack out. Only I was close enough to see that her nail was pushing so tightly into her palm it was drawing blood.


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