A Cinderfella Story

hey guys. this story was for my english assignment so i hope you like it.


9. chapter 9

The next day Harriet told Katy everything.

Well we've got to find your mystery boy,” laughed Katy

“I know but all I have is his beanie and anyone could claim that,” explained Harriet

“Well think of a question that only he will know the answer to,” suggested Katy

“Good idea, I know exactly what I'm going to do,” exclaimed Harriet and ran off towards the library.


Mate have you seen these?” Eddie asked Louis and handed him a poster. It had a photo of his beanie on and it said. 'I met you at a party last night and you had to leave so suddenly and as you left you dropped this. I want to find out who you are, so if you think you are my mystery boy contact me at this email and include your name and the answer to this question, 'What was the song that was playing when we started to dance?'

“You were dancing with Harriet,” said Eddie “You need to contact her and tell her it was you,”

Do you think I should?” asked Louis

“YES,” Eddie practically screamed at him

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