A Cinderfella Story

hey guys. this story was for my english assignment so i hope you like it.


8. chapter 8

When they arrived at the house it was packed. There were about fifteen other cars parked in the drive.

“Eddie look,” said Louis pointing towards a dark blue mercedes.

What?” asked Eddie

“That's Kyle's car, and that means they're here and they know I'm meant to be at home,” explained Louis as he started to panic.

“Dude don't worry, my plans foolproof,” said Eddie “When have I ever let you down.”


Eddie continued and headed inside the house. Louis sighed and followed him inside. He spotted Eddie immediately trying to chat up some girls standing at the bottom of the stairs. Louis could tell that they didn't know it was Eddie. As he headed towards Eddie he noticed girls turning their heads to look at him as he walked passed them. Eddie saw him and headed over to him.

Dude, did you see all those babes checking you out?” asked Eddie

“Yeah I suppose,”stated Louis.

“I bet they have no idea it's you,” said Eddie

“Probably,” said Louis and they both went into the living room. Everyone was dancing and laughing and having fun. Eddie dragged Louis over to dance with a group of girls which included Harriet and Katy, but the boys didn't know that. Eddie pushed Louis towards Harriet as he went over to dance with Katy.

“Sorry,” said Louis as he bumped into Harriet.

“It's fine,” she replied. They still didn't know that they were talking to each other. “Care to dance?” Louis asked Harriet

“Yeah, replied Harriet and grabbed Louis' hand and pulled him into the middle of the dance floor just as the song 'All about tonight' by Pixie Lott came on. At that moment Louis looked directly at Harriet and they both leant in for a kiss. Suddenly Eddie ran up to Louis and grabbed his shoulder. “Mate come on, it's time to go,” he said, dragging Louis towards the door. Harriet looked down to see that Louis's beanie had fallen off. She looked up to see him looking at her with his bed head hair as he was dragged out the door.

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