A Cinderfella Story

hey guys. this story was for my english assignment so i hope you like it.


7. chapter 7

“Eddie, I can't go to the party,” said Louis.

What, why?” asked Eddie

“Po's got this party thing and I need to act as a waiter,” complained Louis.

Don't worry mate, I have a plan,” said Eddie as they both headed to registration.

So the plan was to show up at Harriets party and stay there until 11:55 pm when he had to leave and be back in time for Po's party.


Louis and Eddie were at Eddie's house getting ready for the party. Eddie was a pirate and Louis just had a beanie on with a varsity jacket and sunglasses so they couldn't see his face.

“You ready man?” asked Eddie

“Yeah lets go,” replied Louis. They both got into Louis car and headed to Katy's house.


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