A Cinderfella Story

hey guys. this story was for my english assignment so i hope you like it.


4. chapter 4

“You should talk to Harriet,” said Eddie. They were walking to form period.

“Where's this suddenly coming from?” asked Louis

“Well you do sit next to her, you might as well try to have a conversation,” replied Eddie

“Whatever. Let's just get to form,” said Louis and they both headed to their classroom.

When they arrived they were late, again. “You are late,”said Mr Johnson as they both sat down in their seats. “Why are you always late?” asked Harriet

“I have Eddie Jones as my best friend, I don’t have a choice,” Louis replied. They both tried to stifle laughter. “Right everyone, I need to go to a meeting so I'm leaving you alone, and I'm trusting you to behave,” said Mr Johnson.

As soon as he left the room everyone got out of their seats and went over to talk to their friends.

“So did you talk to her then?” asked Eddie as Louis sat down next to him.

“kind of,” replied Louis and he quickly changed the subject “So did you watch the game last night?” he asked Eddie.

“yeah, it was great wasn't it,” he replied.



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