A Cinderfella Story

hey guys. this story was for my english assignment so i hope you like it.


3. chapter 3

Louis had just arrived back home after his shift at the sandwich shop. He hung up his Jacket and dumped his bag. “I'm back, anyone home?” he shouted wishing for no reply.

“Up here, come here now I've got a job for you,” shouted Kyle.

“Coming,” replied Louis.

“Louis come here I need you to do something for me,” shouted Mikey

“One sec,” he replied.

“Louis come here now, its important,” shouted Po. This was an average day for Louis. He hardly ever got a break. He hated it.


“And I said I was coming,” replied Louis. He headed upstairs to see what Kyle wanted.

“I need you to wash these clothes for tomorrow,” said Kyle and handed him a basket full to the brim of clothes. Louis headed downstairs and into the utility room and started loading the clothes into the washing machine when he heard Mikey calling him.

'LOUIS COME HERE NOW!” shouted Mikey. Louis went upstairs to see what he wanted.

“You need to do this english essay on Shakespeare for tomorrow. It needs to be 500 words,” said Mikey

“Alright,” said Louis and headed back to the utility room to finish the washing when he heard his Dad calling him. “LOUIS I NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING!” Po shouted. Louis headed upstairs to see what he wanted. “I need you to work extra shifts on Saturday, Friday night and Sunday morning.” he said.

“Ok, is that all,”asked Louis

“Yes now off you go,” said Po.

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