A Cinderfella Story

hey guys. this story was for my english assignment so i hope you like it.


10. chapter 10

When Louis got home he was thinking of emailing Harriet when Kyle called him upstairs. “Look Lou, I know you went to that party last night and I know it was you who danced with Harriet. So you're going to tell me the song else Dad's going to find out about everything,” threatened Kyle. Louis just nodded and told him the song. Then he ran to his room in the attic and pulled out his laptop and added a new contact to his email account. He clicked on new email and typed. 'Lou Stack and 'All about tonight' by Pixie Lott' he hit send and waited for a reply. After about five minutes he got one saying 'So glad it was you. I got an email from Kyle about a minute after you. I knew I recognized that bed head from somewhere. H' Louis just smiled and shut his laptop and lay back on his bed.


The next day when he got to school Harriet, Eddie and Katy all ran up to him.

Harriet told me everything, good on you mate,” said Eddie. Louis noticed that Eddie had his arm around Katy. 'They must be a thing now' Louis thought to himself. He looked over to Harriet and she just smiled at him. “I love you Louis Stack,” she whispered.

“I love you more Harriet Thompson,” he replied. They looked into each others eyes and once again leant in for a kiss.



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