I'm fine...

"Kaya run!" I yell to my 17 year old sister.
"But Mari, Come with me" she says.
"Don't worry, I'm Fine"


3. Kaya

Niall's P.O.V

While we were eating the Pizza we all decided to ask Kaya some questions.

"So Kaya how old are you?" Harry asked.

"I'm 14" Kaya said. Our jaws dropped. 

"Just kidding I'm 19" she says giggling.

"where are you from?" I ask.

"well I'm half Irish half British but I hide accent" she says.

"let us hear it" Zayn says. 

"Hear what?" Kaya asks.

"Your accent" Zayn says.

"oh" she says.

"Are you more Irish or more British?" Liam ask. 

"Well from my accent I'm a bit more Irish but Mari is more British and she hides her accent too" she says. Her accent was really cute.

"Are you wearing colored contacts" Harry asked. Well now that he mentioned it her eyes were Purplish.

"Yeah you wanna see my real eye color?" She asks.

"yeah!" We all say. She takes out the contacts and opens her eyes. She had one Bright blue eye and one bright Green eye. 

"Wow your eyes are beautiful" Harry said. 

"Thanks" Kaya says giggling and blushing. I knew Harry really liked Kaya.

"what are your most favorite things to do?" I ask.

"well I love singing and drawing" she says. 

" sing for us!" Zayn saI'd.

"maybe tomorrow" she says.

"well can you draw me?" I ask.

"sure I'll draw you tomorrow" Kaya says. Then someones phone rings. I'm guessing it was Kaya's.

"Hello" She says with a smile then her smile soon faded.

"What?" She said. Her eyes started tearing up.

"Please No, dad"She says her voice rough.

"We'll come back" She said.

"No" Harry said.

"It was no one" She says.

"WHO Was It" we hear her dad yell from the phone.

"Just a friend" She says.

"What Friend, You Don't Have Any Friends?" Her dad asked. 

"Ummm" she said. Her eyes filled with tears. 

"WHO" her father yelled. Then Harry grabbed the phone from her and hung it up. 

"He's going no be so mad" Kaya cries. She lifted up her sleeve to scratch her arm then quickly put the sleeve down. Everyone saw the cuts on her wrist before she pulled down the sleeve. 

"Please don't tell Mari," Kaya says. Harry gently grabs her arm and looks at all the cuts.

"31" He count's. everyone gasped.

"One for every time my dad's raped me" Kaya whispered.

"Your dad has raped you 31 times and you haven't gotten pregnant?" Zayn says.

"nope, I've gotten pregnant 3 time and I put all the children up for adoption" Kaya says.

"how many children did you have?" Louis asks.

"4, I Had Twins once" She says. 

"What were there names?" I ask.

"Well I Had two boys and two girls, The first child I Had was a boy and I named Him Christopher, The second Child I Had Was another boy and I named him Zeke, The Third and Fourth childern were girls and there names are Krysta and Alysa, Christopher is The oldest he would be 5, Zeke would be 3 and Krysta and Alysa would be 1" Kaya says.

"When are they're Birthdays?" Harry asks.

"Christopher's Birthday is February 3rd, Zeke's Birthday is September 15th, and Kysta and Alysa's Birthday is October 23rd" Kaya says.

"When's Your Birthdays?" I Ask.

"October 22nd" She says. It was October 4th.

"What Time Is It?" Kaya asks.

"It's 11:58" I say.

"Oh I Have To Go To Bed!" She says.

"Why?" Zayn asks.

"Because I'm going to Visit Christopher tomorrow, My fathers probably going  to be there waiting for me and I have To Get there and protect Christopher" I say.

"Can I come?" Harry asks.

"Um I Don't Think It's Safe" She says.

"Don't worry, I'm Tough" Harry says.

"I'll Go if you don't trust Harry" Zayn says.

"Um I don't Think Any of You Should come, Mari's Going to be there so I won't be alone" She says.

"Kaya" Mari calls coming down the stairs.

"Hey" Kaya say. She comes in The Kitchen.

"Hey We Have To Get To bed, Remember what we're doing Tomorrow" Mari says.

"Okay, Good Night Guys" Kaya Says Then They Both Run upstairs.

"I really hope They'll Be okay, Tomorrow" Harry says.

"Yeah Me Too" Zayn says.

"Well we ought to go to bed too" I say. Then We all Go to our rooms and We fall asleep We all wanted Kaya and Mari To Be Safe.

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