I'm fine...

"Kaya run!" I yell to my 17 year old sister.
"But Mari, Come with me" she says.
"Don't worry, I'm Fine"


2. Boys...

Mari's P.O.V

Niall opened the door and there were 4 other boys sitting on the couch.

"Niall Your back, Who are those lovely ladies?" One of the guys with the curl hair asks.

"Umm Sorry I didn't catch your names?" Niall said.

"I'm Kaya" Kaya said.

"That's a pretty name" The guy with the quiff said.

"Thank you" Kaya said giggling. 

"I'm Mari" I say.

"Those are both really pretty names" The guy with the buzz cut type hair said.

"Thanks" I say.

"I'm Harry" The one with the curly hair said.

"I'm Liam" The one with the buzz cut type hair.

"And they are Louis and Zayn" Niall said pointing to the other two boys. 

"Mari I'm tired" Kaya says yawning.

"You girls can sleep in the guest room" Liam said.

"This way ladies" Niall said leading us. We walked upstairs and into a room with a king sized bed.

"The bathroom is through that door and if you need anything my room is right across the hall" Niall says.

"Thanks" I say then Niall walks out. I didn't know if we were staying for tonight and kicking us out tomorrow or if we were staying here forever. I didn't want to leave, I was scared father would find us.

"Kaya go get in the shower" I say.

"Okay" She says and grabs here bag and goes in the bathroom. I heard the water go on. I just laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about what was going to happen to me and Kaya.

Niall's P.O.V

"Niall why'd you bring these girls here?" Louis asked me.

"They seemed lost and it's dark and I didn't have a choice" I say.

"Well now we are all going to here shit about this tomorrow?" Harry says.

"Guy's like you wouldn't have helped them" I say.

"Shut up but still what are we going to do with them?" Louis asked.

"How long are they going to be here?" Liam asked.

"How ever long they need to" I say.

"but paparazzi are going to get suspicious" Zayn says.

"I know I guess that we have to pretend to date them or something" Harry says.

"I don't think Mari will let Kaya date any of us" I say.

"Unless" Harry says.

"Unless what?"I asked a little confused.

"Unless Kaya falls in love with one of us" Harry continues.

"But what if Kaya and Mari leave tomorrow?" I ask.

"I don't know" Zayn says.

"Don't worry guys me and Kaya are staying for a little while" Mari says walking down stairs.

"Were you listening the whole time?" I ask a bit worried about what she heard.

"I heard my sisters name so I came down on the stairs and listened" Mari says.

"And My sister will not fall for any of you, She has a boyfriend" Mari says.

"who?" Liam asks.

"Well he's on the XFactor UK right now, he was her boyfriend and he is her boyfriend now even with my step dad beating us, anyway his name is George Shelley"

"Oh I know him, but I didn't know Kaya was his girlfriend" Harry said.

"Yeah and you better not make a move on her Curly" Mari says looking at Harry straight in the eyes. I could tell she was serious.

"okay " Harry says.

"Yeah she really misses him, she hasn't seen him in like Five months" Mari says.

"Why don't we invite him to stay here for a little while?" Liam said.

"that would be awesome" Mari says.

"I'll Give him a call" Liam says.

"That would mean the world to her" Mari says. Excitement in her voice. Then Kaya walks down stairs in pink short shorts and a black tank top. I could see Harry was staring at her boobs.

"Oh sorry I didn't know you guys were down here" Kaya says blushing.

"Mari The showers open" Kaya adds. 

"Okay" Mari says heading upstairs. Kaya looks at us.

"Um Is There anything to eat?" She asks.

"yeah we have Pizza" Harry says.

"I Love Pizza" Kaya says.

"I've only had it like twice in my life though" She adds.

"Well right this way my lady" Harry says leading her to the kitchen. We all follow them to the kitchen.

"Pizza" Kaya says opening the pizza box and taking a piece. I guess the boys had ordered pizza when I was on my walk. I think it's time we get to Know Kaya.

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