The real me

After all of her life, 14 year old Aubin finds out the truth about who she is. Swapped at birth by a mistake, tearing her family apart, how will a little girl cope with everything she's ever known taken away. Feeling unwanted, Aubin has to make the choice, off how to live her future.
On the other side of the world, lives movie star, Kristen Stewart, who doesn't feel comfortable around her family. She has a younger sister, who doesn't seem like she fits in. But if she where to share her opinion, she would loss the remaining relationship with the people she loves.
So what happens when Kristen gets the answer she's needed all along. Will she be able to fix together the broken Aubin, who needs a sister in her life.


2. Appointments

        Ever since I had been little, I had hated the smell of the doctors or a hospital. It reminded me of pain. But today it was something other than the smell that was making me feel sick. It was the unknown. Today my future lied on the swab the doctor had taken from my cheek. It felt so strange knowing my fate on the end of that cotton bud. I did feel sorry for him, the doctor i mean,I wouldn't want to have to deliver the news. 

        Over the last week, I still hadn't shedded a single tear. Although I constantly felt like I was going to burst with all the emotion inside me. It was always on my mind, that I might not be who I thought I was, and deep down I had a feeling my Dad was right. Sure if they weren't my parents I would still be me, I'd still love day dreaming, guinea pigs, reading and acting. But my identity would taken away. The only thing I really knew about myself at the moment was my fingerprints, but that didn't tell me much.

        In my head, I had millions of questions. None that I could ask yet of course. But at least I could get rid of some of them in the next ten minutes or so. Like I said before I was on the same side as my Dad. Probably rather unexpected I know. But over the last week it had been all I could think about. I really didn't fit in looks wise. I had dark brown, nearly black thick, sort of curly hair, green eyes and I was average height and skinny but not too skinny at the same time. Where as my mum and sister had blonde hair, everyone had brown eyes and well a little bit of puppy fat. I don't want to sound mean, but it is the truth. And if there is no similaritys looks wise,  I can see my Dads point. 

       " Aubin Jones, please" The doctor called, was Aubin even my real name. My mother tried to reach for my hand, but like always I rejected it. I knew it must have been breaking her heart, but If they really loved me they wouldn't have cared if I was biologically theirs. 

       The doctors office was rather bland. But then any room with cream walls was in my mind- it wasn't very inspiring. His desk was neat and tidy. It had a computer and keyboard, very straight and persist and on either side was stationary, completely organised into little pots. Above his desk, was pictures, obviously drawn by his children. I bet he didn't have any worries over his kids DNA. 

       " Please take a seat" He attempted a smile and pointed to three identical seats to the right of his desk, the sort that where very uncomfortable.

       " Well, I can confirm the results of the DNA test and we double checked to be on the safe side." My Mother tried to casually pull out a tissue, but everyone could see she was in pieces. I was just a normal girl, why was I breaking people's hearts. I just wanted everything to be normal again. 

       " I'm Sorry, Mr and Mrs Jones, Aubin is not your biological daughter " Straight after the words where out of his mouth, mum let out a choke of a cry. Even I felt a lump in my throat, well i should. But still no tears came. What was wrong with me. 

        "  Shh, don't worry, everything will be okay" My father whispered to my mum. Yes he was right, everything would be ok for them and Scarlett, but for me, everything had just been taken away.

         " What happens now then?" I asked, doing my best to sound bold. I was going to have to take care of myself fully now, so it was right that I would make the first move.

         "  Well, I'll show you to our family room and I'll get one of the receptionists to get Social Services here ASAP, they'll take it from here." He showed us out and forbid us goodbye. And that's when the awkwardness came it. 

          Mum was sitting, still sobbing her eyes out and Dad was comforting her. And I was sitting on a old worn sofa, with my fists clenched. I was filled with anger all of a sudden. 

          Some where out there, was the place I belonged 

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