Fighting to death...

it all happened when alex anderson has been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend , what will louis tomlinson ( her boyfriend ) do to get her back??


2. brandon?!

louis's p.o.v

I bought some pair of shoes from nike and a shirt , i went to forever21 shop to check on alex , i didnt find her , i kept searching for her in all the shops but i didnt find her , i called her on her phone , but she didnt answer...

i was so worried about her , where did she dissappeared???!!!

brandon's p.o.v

Finally it was my chance to kidnap her , i told her that im gonna get her back when she dumped me , she didnt even tell me the reason , she just left me dying from inside , and she got herself a new boyfriend .

I put her in the back of the van and tied her hands and her feet together.

I kept staring at her while she was sleeping , suddenly her eyes widened and started to scream , i covered her mouth with a tape .

" SHHH , you dont want anyone to hear us , dont you?"

i said with an evil smile

she was trying to say something but there were a tape on her mouth so she couldnt.

" Wanna say something?'

i said.

she nodded her head.

" okay , but if you tried to scream , ill cover your mouth with the tape again , got it ?"

she nodded her head as a yes

i removed the tape from her mouth .

" brandon??"

she said.

"yea , brandon , long time right?"

i said.

" why did you kidnap me?"

she asked.

" remember when you broke up with me , remember what i said ...?"

i asked.

" no..."

she answered

" i told you that one day ill get you back whether you like it .... or not."

i said

" seriously LET ME GO"

 she said in a high voice.

" shh , low your voice babe , or ill cover your mouth again."

i said.

" who's driving?"

she asked .

" my friend "

i said.

" at least let me talk with louis , he must be worried now."

she said.

" no"

i said.

" where's my phone?"

she asked.

" with me "

i said

" let me talk with him"

 she said.

" fine , just a minute."

i said.

i untied her hands and gave her the phone.

she called him .

" louis ?"

she said.

" babe , im fine , i just got kidna.."

she said while i took the phone .

" i kidnapped her , im her ex boyfriend , she i all mine now , and you wont ever get her bacl , no matter how much you try "

i said as i hanged up on him.

i tied her hands back.\

we arrived at home , i hold her and took her to a small room .

" are you going to leave me tied up like this?"

she asked.

i didnt answer i just walked outside the room and locked the door behind me.



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