One Summer,One Murderer,One Direction

One summer on the run can have massive consequences for the band. When Harry's girlfriend gets murdered,he's distraught. But when he gets another girlfriend,he's scared. What will happen to her? There's only one way to find out...


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV


The news of Cheryl getting killed flashed across the news channels,headlined on every paper,imprinted in my mind. I don't get why or even how someone could kill such a sweet,innocent girl? But most importantly,my sweet,innocent girl. I have no one,the boys are all away and the flights aren't until two days. I don't know how to get on without her,she was my everything. I took a swig of my vodka bottle and slid down the wall,I have to get this sick twisted person/people,before they ruin my life. 

I walked around the room trying to figure out a way,any way to get them back. But first I have to find out who this person is and why they did this. 


Annoymous POV


The gun slipped out of my hands as I walked away from the scene,I had done it. Harry was finally alone. Mission completed. I just need to make him notice me,Harry and I went to school together,I'd always pop up to say hi to him but he'd carry on walking. Then one day he noticed me,we had a long conversation and he invited me back to his. Then that's when he asked me out.

I of course,said yes. We went out for a few days when I realized he was giving off mixed signals and when ever I hugged him,his friends would snigger.  He then went on to tell me 'it was a dare.' I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life,I thought he actually liked me. So I went along with the joke and pretended I was dared to say yes.

I never had the confidence to tell him how he makes me feel. Until now,I had a master plan. Maybe if all the people important in his life went away,he'd have no one else but to return back to me.


He flicked his hair again and ruffled it up with his fingers,every single little detail about him was perfectly perfect. He looked at me with those piercing green eyes,sent me a dimpled smile and walked away. That was the day I fell for Harry Edward Styles.

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