We've Made It This Far

A window girl in Amsterdam's Red Light Distrect catches the attention of an unusual man. How far can they get together?


1. Chapter 1

Red Light District in Amsterdam. Known for it's legal sale of cannabis and it's sex industry. People wandering around the streets, looking at all the obscurity. Beautiful ladies, barely dressed, dancing and seducing from their spots in the big windows. Skin, flesh, and pleasure for trade.
But if someone, anyone would take a closer look, observe the women carefully, they would notice that something didn't seem right.

The little neon light shined down on her. Music played in the bag ground, setting the mood for the business. She swept her long hair off her shoulder and adjusted the bra strap. Taking a deep breath, she prepared for the days work. Today had to be one of the better days. she had gotten the chair, so at least she could sit down for a bit. There were already people outside. Some glazed at her as they passed by. It was only 11 in the morning.The girl beside her had already begun her routine. The moves she thought would catch men's attention, and get her the income for the day. She ripped her gaze from her colleague. She put on her seductive smile, seating herself on the chair. She closed her eyes and let the music consume her mind. It was an older song playing. Slow and gentle. Like a Frank Sinetra melody. She placed her hands on her tights, slowly running them upwards. Her bright eyes opened again. Looking out at the males walking by. Possible costumers.

Minutes that felt like hours went by. She moved around the chair, swaying her hips, her hands and long legs teasing humans desire. She watched the faces outside her window. Some didn't even notice her, some looked at her with flames burning in their eyes, while others gave her a pitiful gaze.

But if they pitied her, why didn't they try to help her? Or any of the other girls? She knew she was as lucky as one could be in her situation. Which in itself was very unfortunate. Tricked with the promise of an adventure outside her home country of Wales, she had been brought to Amsterdam. A wealthy looking woman had picked her up, claiming to know who she was. Together with what seemed to be her husband, she had forced her into her current position. She had to be intimate with men for money. Otherwise the couples assistants would beat her up or kill her. She had landed in one of the best places for someone like her. Unlike many other young girls here, she only had to serve a one, two or maybe three costumers a day. Her bosses believed in quality over quantity. Therefor their girls were some of the prettiest, well-dressed and most expensive. The couple made sure the girls didn't get under neutritioned. The girls were treated well considering the business. They only got beaten if they disobeyed or if their clients choose to beat them. And all they were told was to deal with it. None of them really dared to complain. If they were too difficult to deal with, they would be sold on to other bosses, where they would work under much worse conditions.

So there she was. Dancing away in a window in the Red Light District, show off her "qualities", as boss woman said. Obviously she hated every single thing about this place. And herself too. But she didn't have a choice. Her body was sold for mens pleasure. The lingerie clung to her body. It left just enough to the imagination for men to be spellbound. Well, that was the magic of her company.

In the middle of her eyes mindless wandering, someone caught her attention. She blinked and focused her gaze on him. He was watching her from a distance. A young man with short, blonde hair and light eyes. He seemed short for someone his age. His body was hid underneath tight jeans, hoodie and a jacket. He didn't move at all. She locked her eyes with his and put on her best smile. In her mind he was just possible source of payment. But somewhere deep inside, she knew there must have been a reason he stood out. She slithered down to a squat, gliding one hand down her leg. Gently and sensually, she bit her lower lip. She was a snake seducing her prey.

In those moments her only focus was him. But her heart began beating heavier with fear. The voice in the back of her head reasoned against catching him. "He just wants to abuse your body, just like all the other men. He would take out his desires and pleasure on you, under his twisted conditions. What if he was one of the violent ones?" There was always that risk. But she had to lur them in to earn today's income. Otherwise the consequences would be even worse. She was beating herself up mentally, but she had to push the thoughts away to do her job.

The bubble shattered when the man turned his head. Something else had gotten his awareness. A moment later another man came into view. His appearance was nowhere near the blonde man's. This guy had sharper and more muscular features. He was looking a bit rough and scruffy. The two men exchanged words. From what she could see, her prey had a strangely graceful way of speaking. The newly arrived man patted the other on the shoulder before blondie shot her another short look. And then they walked away. Left, continued down the street. And she lost her chance of getting today's best client.

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