Love Only Exists In Stories

When a girl Marie moves to California with her god parents after her parents death, she is unsure if she will be able to fit in. Her high school is different, her neighborhood isn't as simple and the people are hard to be around but after a certain boy introduces himself and she gets to know his friends, nothing can seem more unrealistic than what she is doing.


8. Waiting

We walked through the backyard and out onto and alleyway that seemed unusually dark.

"I hope you don't plan on killing me, because if you do I will drag you down with me." I said jokingly but with a little fear to it.

"If I wanted to kill you, I would be killing the most beautiful thing on this planet. Wouldn't want that now." He looked over waiting for a reply. I looked up and imagined how red I must have looked from blushing insanely. He smiled, indicating he got his reaction. I looked forward and saw a large house that had its lights on, who could be up this early?

"Those are my parents, they know I left. Might as well say hi before we leave, yes?"

"Sure." I was kind of eager to meet his parents. We walked down Might Avenue, strange name, and passed only 3 homes before  walking up his drive way. I almost started to panic, I never was fond of words, what if they ask too many questions? What if they don't like me?

"Youll be fine." I never realized Jason was next to a still me and was ushering me to the door. I took a deep breath and walked up to the front porch and Jason knocked on his own door. I click on the door meant that it was unlocked and a tall woman with long dark hair with sharp features and slender form peeked through the door.

"Jason Charles! Ive been worried sick about you! Where have you been?!" Jason's mother screamed, but Jason calmly gestured to me with one hand.

"Picking up my date. I seem to recall dad did the same thing to you too, best date of your life right?" Jason retaliated. Jason looked to me again and I smiled from him to his mother, I reached out my hand to his mother.

"Hello Mrs.... um, Charles?" I looked over to Jason, I never realized that I never got his last name. Jason's mother looked at me with hopeful eyes and smiled, a little laugh before replying.

"Yes, Cassadee Charles. Nice to meet you..." A pause for my name, I might as well blow my cover in front of Jason. If your going on a date, you have to at least know each others names.

"Marie Lewis." Jason and Cassadee both looked astonished to here that.

"I'm sorry." I looked at the ground and started to tear, I took a deep breath and looked back up with a clear face. I knew I was well known but I don't think I want to be remembered by that.

"I think we should get going." Jason said to me but making it more of a point to his mother.

"Do you have your phone Jason?" His mother was very concerned clearly, but I wouldn't know what would've caused that.

"I always do mom." Jason said as he walked down the stairs of the porch while dragging me.

"It was nice to meet you Marie!" Cassadee shouted after us. Jason seemed determined to get out of the situation.

"Marie." That was all he said.

"I know, shocking right? Who knew you'd be going on a date with Marie Lewis, famous for just about everything she doesn't want to be famous for."

"I didn't mean it like that." Jason looked down with an apology, I knew he didn't but it still stung.

"So where are we going?"

"A place, a place you wouldn't even know existed here. Very special."

"If you say so." His imagery of the situation provided little for me but it would do.


I figured it had been long enough that Mitch and I should talk to Marie, clearly getting off on the wrong foot made her life harder than it was. I knocked on the closed door that had been repeatedly slammed at the end of the hall. I knocked 3 times but it slowly opened, on its own. I walked in, I saw Marie's sheets were pulled back but Marie wasn't in them. Her laptop was open and glowing, maybe I could find where she was going. I opened it to a picture to Marie with her parents Lucas and Loraine along with what I assumed was her friends. A banner above her head said Happy 16th birthday, I never remembered her birthday and never realized how popular she was. I saw a flashing box on the yahoo logo on the activity bar. I opened it to find an email.

"Don't worry, we are coming to save you! Hold on!" It was signed by a boy named Niall. Who was this? I closed the laptop and walked out, I wouldn't except this, even if she wasn't my daughter.

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