Love Only Exists In Stories

When a girl Marie moves to California with her god parents after her parents death, she is unsure if she will be able to fit in. Her high school is different, her neighborhood isn't as simple and the people are hard to be around but after a certain boy introduces himself and she gets to know his friends, nothing can seem more unrealistic than what she is doing.


7. The other side of the laptop

I Had remembered that day at the airport for the past three days. I couldn't get Marie out of my mind, and the hard part was that I will probably never run into her again at an airport. Zayn had given her all of our real emails, normally any other fan would've jumped on it, but I knew she wasn't normal. I had finished the waffles from breakfast and moved on from the table, I went for a water in the fridge. I opened the cap right as Liam walked out of his room with a laptop in his hand.

"Guess who emailed us?" He seemed excited for an email, don't see that very often.

"Who Liam?" Louis grouched, he wasn't that much of a morning person and at 8, not any happier. I took a drink and waited for whoever it was.

"Marie!" Say what? I chocked on my water and everyone looked up surprised to see me dying by the hand of a water bottle. I wiped my face of any excess water and crossed the living space to Liam and took his laptop.

"Sure, you can borrow that." Liam said in a joking tone. I wakened the screen and saw a username I didn't recognize but I knew it was her from her signature at the bottom of the email. I hadn't even realized Harry had come over and was reading over my shoulder. Marie said that she got to California fine but her god parents were being a pain and she wanted out, an out or someone to talk to.

"It gets harder and harder the more days go by here, once I start school I'll just about want to rip my eyes out and stuff them in my ears. Sorry for such a short notice but hopefully all is well." Her name was signed with a heart at the end. I looked at Liam who was watching me and Harry but Zayn and Louis had gone to their phones instead. They both got an email to, maybe mine just came in. It was almost 5 in California, too early to call but maybe an email would arrive on time. I gave the laptop to Harry and went into our room, I opened my phone and went blank. What do you say to Marie? Nothing, you just do. We were in New York and it was only one week before we hit California.

"Don't worry, we are coming to save you! Hold on!" Something short and sweet, I signed my name and sent it. Now we wait.

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