Love Only Exists In Stories

When a girl Marie moves to California with her god parents after her parents death, she is unsure if she will be able to fit in. Her high school is different, her neighborhood isn't as simple and the people are hard to be around but after a certain boy introduces himself and she gets to know his friends, nothing can seem more unrealistic than what she is doing.


3. home... sort of

Now, don't get me wrong... Sitting with the One Direction was pretty cool and it's not like I wasn't dying to leave them either. We had gotten to know each other and laughed quit a bit, but eventually their flight arrived and so did mine. As we parted ways I began to feel that distance of depression again, but as I looked at my bags, a note was tagged on the handle from Zayn's drawing paper.

"Enjoyed sitting with you, if you ever need us, just say something. :)"

Just underneath was all of their emails. As unbelievable as it seemed, I felt like I was never going to use them, they were busy and so was I. Despite that, I got on my plane and flew from the airport that was so familiar when family visited, flew from my school and all of the attractions that made living here worth it.


My god parents had never stayed in touch with my family, they had only seen me when I was born and when I visited them when I was 10. It showed pretty well too when I met them at the terminal and they called me Michelle... Awesome? With my new name being the first thing to happen to me in California, I eventually arrived at what I would soon call home, maybe. California was sunny and crowded but all around pretty amazing. So many things to see and places to go, but sight seeing would have to be put off until I was settled. My god parents, Stacy and Mitch, drove a 2012 Cadillac and wore clothes you see on the red carpet. Clearly these people had some cash to just throw around, but unlike the snotty attitude I expected from them, they were consoling and polite. It took an hour before we pulled up to their home, not in Beverly Hills shockingly but graciously. It was huge in my eyes, as I lived in a 2 story with two rooms and 2 bathrooms with a small kitchen and living room and just about everything else. I loved the homeliness, I didn't mind living like that, but the large life style was going to be a large change. I walked in the front door with one suitcase and felt instantly cold from the front room. Hardwood floors and glass and white, and going to be the death of me.

"Marie?" Stacy spoke as if talking to a puppy, annoying.


"We know that we haven't stayed in touch with you or your parents..." My breath stopped, they mentioned my parents like it wasn't their family that had been taken from them. "...but we want to make an effort to make you feel safe and at home here." She continue to sound like she was talking to a baby, still annoying.

"I thank you for the future effort, but you really have to stop talking to me like I don't know what's going on or that I don't know how to control my feelings." I said it with as much attitude as possible but coated it with a little innocence to make it seem sincere.

"Were sorry, we just don't know how you feel." Mitch was my uncle, he lost his brother, and he doesn't know how I feel?

"Surprising, considering you just lost someone who you spent 19 years with until you decided to leave home and never speak to your family again. You should feel what I feel, or worse." I walked away without any regret if what I said. I walked up stairs and found 4 rooms on each side of the hall. 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a closet on each. I opened the nearest door, it was locked so I opened each door until I found one that looked unoccupied. It was lavender and white, but I didn't plan on looking for a different color room with the chance that I was going to run into my god parents. I set my suitcase down on the floor and looked around the room, large window with a view, queen sized bed with cotton sheets and many pillows, a closet big enough to fit 30 people. However, the dresser across from the bed, made of wood and worn down, had a round mirror that showed something disturbing. I had bags under my eyes, frown lines, messy hair and the sunken skin. It was the opposite of how I looked before my parents left, but that's what happens when you give up on trying anymore. I adverts my eyes to find myself hungry, I found the kitchen downstairs but I felt like I was never going to leave. Stainless steel appliances and dark wooden cabinets and drawers, Marie... You came here for one reason and one reason only. I worked my way the the fridge and dug out some strawberries and headed back to the room and ate there. I never left the room other than to use the bathroom down the hall. I debated about how I was going to be able to do this on my own, or who do it with. Remembering the airport, I opened up my laptop and retrieved the note that the famous Zayn Malik left for me. I emailed each one of the members of the ever growing sensation with a short hello and a plea for help. I didn't bother to wait for a response, so I closed my laptop and opened my bag to find it was the wrong one. I was searching the drawers of the dresser in the room when a knock on the door sounded, I walked over and opened the door cautiously only to find my other suit case. I closed the door again and found pajamas and moved into bed and soon fell asleep with one question on my mind. Why Stacy and Mitch?

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