Love Only Exists In Stories

When a girl Marie moves to California with her god parents after her parents death, she is unsure if she will be able to fit in. Her high school is different, her neighborhood isn't as simple and the people are hard to be around but after a certain boy introduces himself and she gets to know his friends, nothing can seem more unrealistic than what she is doing.


2. Flights and frights

I had been waiting for my flight for almost an hour. I had just about murdered my phones battery life and was currently sitting on the floor with my charging phone in one hand and a false sense of hope in the other. I was sitting just below the crowd, I could see the crowd hurrying towards their flights and to the food courts. Some had young children that were being dragged across the floor embarrassing their parents by throwing tantrums that could sake heaven and hell itself. Some carried more bags than they could possibly need for one trip, and others simply carried a backpack that seemed to hold only a day or two worth of cloths. I had two suitcases, one was full of cloths and shoes while the other was filled with memories from friends and family from my hometown. Most of the memories were in pictures, other memories were medals from past sport championships and simple things like the last few movies I saved from my collection. I didn't have to many cloths by the end of the month, I had gone through my closet and donated most of my cloths and things, I was only allowed to take some of the most important things with me to California. My god parents weren't people who liked to keep things stored away in attics, I guess whatever I brought will have to be stored someplace, whether they liked it or not. I had been broken from my thoughts when I had realized that I felt like I was being watched. I had looked around the seats in front and behind me only to find nobody was in those seats, but there was someone in the aisle with me. They were all on the floor like I was, one was glued to his phone, another was interested in the coffee he was sipping down and the last was connected with a pencil and a pad of paper. When I looked the other way, two other people were seated in the aisle as well, but both of them were starring at me. I was so drowned in my nervousness about my new life I hadn't noticed who they were, not until one of their songs had come on. As One Thing rang out from one of the buds in my ear, I stood up and walked towards the boys who were starring. I had always been a very bold person, so wether or not they were part of a world-known band and had hundreds of twitter followers, I wasn't scared to walk up to them. I had walked all the way to them when I realized they never knew I had actually approached them, like they were starring unconsciously at me. I was still fearful of speaking to people with the fear that I might lose all control and break down, but I did anyway.

"Is there any particular reason why your staring at me?" I asked.

"Other than the fact that you're sitting by yourself on the floor in a busy airport and haven't once screamed at us, no, there is no real reason why we are staring." I had only expected a short response from him, but he looked like he wanted to answer like his life depended on it.

"Well, I guess you would expect that from a teenage girl that is alone with you. Huh?"

"Yeah, but it's nice to have a simple conversation with someone who isn't asking to have us sing stuff."

"Well, I think its time to introduce ourselves. M[y name is Marie."

"My name is Styles, Harry Styles." He said with the classical James Bond tone, I guess to make light in the mood.

"And my name is Niall" He had smiled simply, but I know he wanted some reaction out of me, something he never got.

"I know, and Liam is hunched over his phone, Louis is sipping his Starbucks and Zayn is concentrated on his art project" I motioned to each of them individually as I called them off. They weren't surprised I knew who they were, but by something else.

"So Marie, what are you here for?" Niall asked sweetly but with a hint of the cool guy tone.

"Im waiting for my plane, Im moving in with my god parents." I said I a mild tone.

"Why's that?" Harry pushed, he looked desperate to know why I was here alone.

"I'd rather not say. But if you want, your more than welcome to come sit over by me, instead of stalking me from over here." I joked, they seemed to like it because they laughed and decided to take me up on my offer. They got up off the floor and followed behind me. They both towered over me, but they seemed to move quietly. I had picked up my phone and sat down, but Niall and Harry didn't sit down.

"Don't you want to be introduced to the others?" Harry asked.

"Sure, if they don't mind it." I replied. With that, he was off to discuss my new buddy arrangements for the next 2 hours. Niall till looked down on me, he had a stare that was gentle and protective. I don't know what it was for, I only met him 5 minutes ago, but I guess that it might have just been him. I looked to my left and Harry was bent over Zayn who had momentarily stopped his pencil to hear what Harry had to say. He looked behind Harry's legs and his gaze found mine, he gave a slight smile which I returned. He looked back up to Harry. He gave a nod and he said something that I couldn't hear. Harry went around telling Liam and Louis and they also seemed to agree. Soon they all got up off the floor and walked over, they all seemed to be in  good mood, which I guess was a good way to be introduced to. Louis was the first to speak and he seemed pretty enthusiastic.

"Hi! What's up?"

"Hi, nothing much has happened until this moment." I said, it wasn't a lie.

"Well now we're here!"

"I see that, it's nice to meet you Louis."


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