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5. The Dare- Aparupa Chakravarty

                                   The Dare


Name: The Dare

Author: Aparupa Chakravarty

Genre: Thriller and Horror

Published: 06/05/2013

Approximately: 8 minutes to read

Rating: G

Likes: 9

Faves: 3

Comments: 8

Views: 129



     This story is written for the Death and co. competition. The Dare is a very gripping, fast-moving story that's written extremely well. It is so hard to stop reading once you've started as it keeps you wanting to read more and find out what happens next. I would definitely recommend this story to lovers of thriller and horror. It's a hair rising thriller for the afterlife competition that has a great theme to it. The story is written in first person and is about a girl called Chloe, who has a huge ego and will do anything to keep her pride.

    Aparupa has a great writing technique, keeping it simple and easy to read, while making it quite captivating. The story itself starts pretty quickly, getting straight to the point. After reading the first sentence, you will be asking yourself questions and will want to continue reading to find answers.  

      The first chapter introduces the main character Chloe, and some of her friends. First Chloe is dared by her friends to stay the night in a haunted mansion, but even though Chloe agrees to do it, she is absolutely terrified, because no one has ever come out of that mansion alive. Still, she is fairly confident that she will be able to do it. The mansion itself is very well described, and sound extremely creepy and it's the type of place you wouldn't step foot in. Chloe knows that but her pride takes over and she walks in to a bunch of bats. She settles down and relaxes, quickly falling asleep. She is awoken by a young red-haired girl asking Chloe to dance with her, and Chloe suddenly has no control on her actions. Then...........

    I would recommend this book for ages ten and up, and for both guys and girls. It is a quick read, so you will have time to read it even if you are busy. It is ended with a poem, and I think that is a fabulous idea.

      The one thing that could be improved is a couple of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Apart from that I think that this is a very good story that keeps you reading. It is full of suspense the whole way through.

     Read it now, you will be glad you did :)

Review by Roxy :D 



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