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8. Shaking Steady Grounds-Uncle Mitchy Kay

Shaking Steady Grounds

Name: Shaking Steady Grounds

Author: Uncle Mitchy Kay


Published on: 3 Feb 13

Approx: 15 minutes to read (That's what it says, but it really takes less than that to read.)


Views: 256

Likes: 4


Genre: Pets and Animals

Rating: Not rated yet, but I would recommend G

Blurb: Born far off in a family of cats in a thick forest nestled in a valley, this short story takes on the view of two cats, Midnight and Trickster, who are both destined for greatness. Though in the wooden glen they find themselves, they soon find out they were also destined for divided ways...


     First of all if you do not like cats, that does not mean that you will not like this story. I, for example, am not very fond of cats (I'm more of a dog person) but I still loved this story, since it has a really good storyline. If you're still not planning on reading this story because you don't like cats, then just pretend that they are dogs, or some other animal, or even as people. :)

    Anyway, about the story. It's a story about brotherly love, with a sister thrown in there. In the wooden glen that this story is based in, the cats are divided into two categories, the brave hunters, and those gifted in the arts. There category is decided at birth, based on their fur. If the fur was rough and coarse were given the position of a hunter. Those born with soft, smooth fur, it's occupation was under the arts. The only exception of this rule, is when a cat is born with stripes, regardless of its type, it will be a hunter. This way works well for the cats. When Midnight and Trickster are born it is obvious that they are destined for greatness, Midnight as a warrior, and Trickster to be skilled with the arts, and they become closer than brothers. Although Midnight seemed to be the pick of the pack, he always believed in Trickster. Then their sister is born, blessed with unbelievable beauty. The only flaw here, is that Trickster is born without claws, and being caught without claws was a crime punished with death.Luckily for Trickster, he didn't have to reveal his claws until much later on.

    The two brothers both dread the summer, where they will be sent in different directions. Midnight was chosen to be one of the best hunters there is, and Trickster received the position of a high priest. Since the hunters and philosophers didn't communicate often, the brothers relationship began to wane, even though they were still the best of brothers. On every hunting trip, Trickster waits for Midnights return, and towards the end of the story his sister joins him, to keep him company. Then one nasty winter, Midnight goes alone, on what should be a weeks hunting trip, but after a week there is still no sign of him, so Trickster sets off to find him...

    The ending will utterly shock you, as it did to me, and you will be left thinking about this story for a while after you've read the very last word. Uncle Mitchy Kay has a way of capturing the reader, making you want to keep reading. The story itself has a slow pace to it, without being boring. The events that unfold, are described well, and it is easy to relate to the characters.

    The only thing I think could be improved, is a small amount of punctuation, and a few sentences could be formatted a bit better.

    This is a story of broken promises and secrets, and is quite sad. It is written in a slightly old fashioned style (You'll be reminded of knights in shining armor and the like). Overall it is a very good read, and I would recommend it to everyone with a pulse.

Comments made by fans:

Bluestar84324: I live the story, I couldn't stop reading it :)

Clearskies: This is really cute! At first I was thinking something close to Tamora Pierce's: Trickster Series- but then I read the word cat, and was like.....yeah. But I wasn't expecting to enjoy reading it this much :D

Enya Sanders: This is brilliant. The storyline is fantastic, and your narrative voice makes the language flow beautifully. The use of personification helps understand how the cats are feeling, despite the fact that we are different creatures.You've done a superb job Mitchy :D

Midnight Rogue: XD This is so good. It's like... a take on Aesop fables :D Only read the first chapter and will get to reading the rest. Well written :)


Hope you liked it, and please do read the story. It's really good :D

If you want a movella reviewed leave a comment bellow :)

Review by Roxy :> :D :) :}






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