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3. R. Blake Hammond's poetry

R Blake Hammond



Before I Fall

Published: 30/05/2013

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A harsh and bleak portrayal of family relationships, the drinking father, the non-caring mother, and of course, the self depreciating poet, the son. Since the author has chosen to hide his age from the public, we can't be sure wether this was a recent experience, based on a particular event, or a memory of times past. Either way, we have a tortured soul, who, in his words, is hungry for something he doesn't quite understand, but he needs it. His parents, in some way are stopping him from living this dream, and the author craves freedom.


As for the structure of the poem, brilliant. Free and relaxed verse that punctuates the everyday relationship of father and son, followed by a hauntingly condensed and rhythmical section, which builds up tension, up to the very last two verses:

Get out before I crack.

Get out before I fall.*



*The poem has a typo, so out is spelled our


All My Friends are Dead

Published: 21/05/2013

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Comments: 2


The ideal poem for the well-read teenager. Simple, playful, and filled with intellect and references, showing that the author is well acquainted with the people he is talking about. Honestly, if he is under eighteen and has read all of those literary heavyweights, I'm impressed, and so should everybody else. 

The free verse of the poem sends this message of it being regular and everyday, spontaneous happenings, that come and go, but stay with us a lifetime, as do all the authors he mentions. One of my favourite poems around here.



We Romantics

Published: 30/05/2013

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Comments: 0

Rated R

Probably Blake's masterpiece, a beautiful haunting description of life that reminds one of Ginsberg, Bolaño and all those writers who wrote about the experience of being a revolutionary writer. Life described with eerie imagery, enthusiasm, verse free as birds (sorry for the cliché), and a rhythm that feels so natural, so wonderful, so perfect. Marvelous. The author describes it as a Neo-Romantic/Action Poetry/Beatnik word vomit, which fits perfectly, particularly that last one. The similarities with Ginsberg are undeniable. The haunting repetitions, the sexual images and ideas that swirl around, the long and brilliant verses. Evey word in that poem is there for a motive.


The final stanza, gives mixed messages, but this only adds brilliancy to the work, it speaks of death and life, and ends  so vaguely, it makes you think hard about what you just read.


When The Rose was Red

Published: 30/05/2013

Favs: none

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Comments: none


Here is proof that R. Blake Hammond is actually human, and not EPICAC (kudos if you get the reference). It  is a good poem, but when compared to the rest, it is a tiny flower surrounded by the most beautiful bouquets of all. It has a nice simple structure, very different from the rest of his poems, but in this particular case, such an organized metric and repetition of rhetorical questions does not really help the purpose. The rhetorical questions, in particular seem to be used and abused, there ar just to many of them! Some do have a nice effect, but most just sit there, slowing things down.


I hope no one is offended by this. It is a better love poem than most, but the style he uses simply does not work. (and the typos, god, the typos)


Review by JCesq

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