my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


3. where are you justin?


it was 8:57 and my mum pulled up in Linda's car and walked up the drive and walked in, she locked the door and walked up to me and smiled.


- is it true?

- is what true?

- that Justin bieber came down the street.

- erm yeah it is I couldn't catch him on time, ran straight past our house!

- sorry. so what do you want for supper ?

- erm... im not hungry.

- ok. if its alright im of to bed, had a busy day

- ok, night mum.

with that mum disappeared upstairs I went on facebook, I opened my laptop and logged on.

nothing interesting. my best friend Jess was online but I couldn't be bothered to talk to hear so I logged of and went on twitter. 3 new followers that makes 323 but the second I was gonna log of Justin tweeted

- crazy day today.

was that about me? did he mean that in a nice way or a mean way?

was he home? WHERE ARE YOU JUSTIN??

I logged of and went up stairs to bed. I picked up my p.js of the floor and walked in to the bathroom to change. I walked into my room to see my phone was gone!? what?! it was there this morning I never take it of my bed side table, I only take it of when I need it! never mind where are you Justin what about WHERE ARE YOU PHONE?!. this is strange.

I got into bed and went to sleep.

it was the middle of the night when I heard someone in my room. it was probably my dog ( forgot to say I had a dog thing is she loves to sleep all day , lazy girl) so I didn't wake up because she would settle down but the thing is, who ever it was it wasn't my dog ( daisy) because the movement didn't settle down. it felt like someone was watching me sleep, like a murder , great not only losing Justin im going to get killed to, yey.

it stopped like they were looking over me, right that's it im going to wake up!  I turned over onto my back and opened my eyes.



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