my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


7. the park...


we were just sat on the swings talking about random stuff. until my phone went of, i got a message.

i took my phone out of my pocket and opened the message...


morning! xxxx

                          from someone special :P

right someone special, Justin?,dad? ( my dad moved away with his new wife when i was 5)

- who was it?

-jess don't be so rude... so.... who is it?

- my dad

i had to say my dad because if it was my dad then fine i didn't lie to them but if it was Justin they wouldn't believe me or they would freak out and/or pass out!

- oh ok. jess look jamies over there!!


Jamie is jesses crush and she obsessed.

- over there playing football

jess was just sat there eyes wide open just staring at him... well did she kiss him like i kissed Justin? nope haha.

that was when my phone went of again.


sorry i had to leave you.

                    from someone special.

ok now it had to be Justin... but then again my dad never text me and maybe he finally wanted me in his life again.

becky looked at be because she new that my dad never talks to me. but she ignored it.

i turned my phone on silent so the next time he text me only i would no.

I looked at my phone to see that i had another message


im sorry, please talk to me. i would of left you a note but i had to rush of! xxxx

                              Justin xxx

ok it was Justin, at least he said sorry.


hi, its ok i guess. you could of at least of woken me up and told me.

                                    love Hannah xxxx   

i looked up at becky who was looking at jess who was looking at Jamie, this girl is obsessed!

i went to go sit with becky

- shes obsessed!

- tell me about it" becca said to me as we wee both staring at jess who was now staring at us.

- what!

- nothing" becky said

i looked at my phone to see i had a message


sorry beautiful.... look at the wall in front of you xxx

                           love Justin xxx

so i looked at the wall to see Justin stood there smiling.

it was a big wall so no one saw him

- ill be back in a sec

no one heard me , jess was looking at Jamie and becky was looking at her phone.

i ran over to the wall to see Justin who picked me up and kissed me!

- hey you

- hey

- i need to ask you something...

- yeah?

- will u be my girlfriend? iv fallen for you, i don't no how but i have.

i just looked at him... what should i say! 

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