my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


2. oh no!!

-oh no!!

-what, what's wrong?!

- the people who im hiding on were -

Justin got cut of with girls screaming outside my house.

- YOUR FANS??! I said looking at him with a little smile on my face. he looked at me and I couldn't help my self from bursting out with laughter.

- WHAT, whats so funny?? he looked at me was a confused face. I was still laughing but his confused face turned into a cross face so I had to stop, but it was hard.

-sorry , sorry I shouldn't laugh. its just that why are you scared of your fans/beliebers?

- im not scared of them its just Iv been running from them for hours and your the first house I came across who wasn't taking pictures of me or asking for autographs, I finally out ran them all, but they must of found me.

I started to walk down stairs as Justin followed, I got to the bottom of the stairs  and turned around to see Justin still at the top of the stairs looing at me.

- if they get in don't let them pounce on me.

- o.k?.

I looked at him and this time I had the confused face.

I opend the door slowly and a girl started to speak


- sorry but I wish he was hear, trust me I would die if he was. but hes not! sorry I saw him run down that way, ran straight past my house!

girl- YOUR LIEING!!!!

- no im not!!! 

the girl looked at the window and she walked over ok now im worried, we have a huge window in the living room you can see in the house completely and if she looks in there she will be able to see him at the top of the stairs! OH NO!!

- hey girl don't do it!! 

it was too late she looked in the window and then looked at me then looked at the rest of the girls and said

girl- girls hes not there lets try down there.

I closed the door to see Justin wasn't there anymore I tried up stairs but nope not there either. great they scared him of where did he go. probably out of the window! great!!   

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