my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


4. justin? is that you? YOU STOLE MY PHONE!

- arrr-

I was cut of from screaming when he put his hand across my mouth!

- shhhhhh, do you want you mum to hear you? or you dog barking? no, so shhhh

-Justin is that you? YOU STOLE MY PHONE!!


- sorry!! its not everyday a boy sneaks into my bedroom!

-sorry! but I had to return your phone!  sorry I stole it.

I sat up in bed and Justin walked round to the other side and layed down so I layed down to.

I was just looking into his eyes as he smiled at me

- why do you keep smiling at me? and what are you doing hear?

- because your beautiful and I want to see you! is that a crime?

- NO! I mean no of Corse not! but why me?!

- you ask a lot of questions.

I look at him for a while no knowing im falling asleep on his chest.

I must of been asleep for at least 2 hours because when I woke up it was 2:30 and Justin was still there awake! looking up at the ceiling!

- you still awake?


- what are you still doing hear?

- I don't know

- I mean you could of gone anytime you want but your still hear!

- I know but I cant leave you again!

I looked at him and he was looking at me now, he sat up a little and smiled

- your smiling again!

- so I cant smile now? great!

- no im not saying that its just you always smile.


I smiled this time witch made him smile even more.

- go to sleep ill be hear when you wake up!

so I went to sleep! 

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