my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


9. i love you justin!



  meet me at my house please xxx

        love Hannah xxx


it was 11:32 at night and my mum was fast asleep, and Justin showed up in my window?

- what are you doing climbing in my window? we have a door you know!?

- i know but i thought it would be more fun this way!

he said with a smile on his face while he landed on hi feet and closed my window.

- i thought about it and ... yes i will be your girlfriend!

- really!!!! great

i smiled at him witch made him come closer and closer till he got hold of me and started kissing me he started with my lips and moved to my neck.

- 18

- what?

- your 18

- how do you know?

- no reason" he winked at me and kissed my lips.

im not gonna lie, im starting to like this a lot!

 it was 11:40 when he stopped.

- i love you Justin!

- i love you to!


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