my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


8. i dont know!

i don't know


just then jess and becky walked round the wall!! oh crap

- OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. its, its, its, its,-

before jess could scream his name i ran over to her and put my hand over her mouth!

- shhhhhh jess!!

- omg Hannah what are you doing with Justin bieber??!?! becky said to me with a massive smile on her face!


Justin was just stood there awkwardly with a fake smile on his face, he looked at me and then looked at becky then at jess who still was freaking out but still had my hand over her mouth!

- erm Hannah i think you should remove your hand!! Justin said with a concern look on his face.

i removed my hand, thank god jess calmed down, kind of she was still breathing really fast like she was having a heart attack.

- iv gotta go, just think about it please, i really want you to say yes!

he kissed me on the cheek and walked of!

- NO WAY ARE  YOU TO NOO YOU CANT BE! OMG!! jess said with a huge huge smile on his face!

- JESS!!!

- talk about it come on!!" becky joined in.

we sat on the floor and i told them everything.

- wow

- wow

- yep

- you totally should say yes, you love him Hannah we all no you do! your room is plastered with his face everyone would say yes! becky said

- i know i want to say yes but he always leaves me.

- say yes!

- i don't know!!!

- he loves you and you love him its obvious!

- hmmmm ...



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