my justin!

have you ever wondered what would happen if Justin bieber came knocking at your door asking for your help, not knowing that both of you would fall head over heels for each other?
well that's what happened to Hannah.


6. he's gone, AGAIN!


I must of fallen asleep at some point because I had woken up in my bed, but Justin wasn't there, maybe he was in the bathroom or down stairs.

so I got up  and went to the bathroom but no one was in there so i went down stairs to find it was just mum sat there watching T.V. i went back up stairs and sat on my bed, he's gone, AGAIN! great. 

- where's he gone!

i said to my self as a looked at my self in the mirror.

- Hannah! im going out now, i'll see you later. i wont be back till later on tonght. bye!" my mum shouted to me as she closed the door behind her!

she always goes out everyday, im not really bothered about it but, EVERYDAY doesn't she get bored!

i walked down stairs to see my mum had made me some breakfast, but i wasn't really in the mood for food! 

i sat on the sofa and turned on the T.V

cooking channel = no

sports channel=no

comedy channel=no

- errrg noting on!!!!

i turned off  the T.V and looked out the window to see Jess and Becky waving at me, and calling me to come out with them!

i walked to the door and opened it.

- guys come in a second, i need to get dressed.

they both walked in and sat on the sofa while i closed the door and went upstairs to get dressed.

as i finished getting ready Becky shouted me from down stairs.

- Hannah!! you ready yet??

- hold on let me brush my hair!

i finished brushing my hair and grabbed my phone. i started to walk down the stairs to find becky and jess waiting for me at the door!

- finally, come one lets go!

we stepped out the door and as i closed the door jess said to me

- so what happened to you yesterday?

- nothing why?

 - you went online and straight after you were offline.

- sorry, i was tired and i had a busy day.

we got to are favourite park and sat on the swings, well me and jess did becky sat on the floor( there were only 2 swings and beackys always the one who gets there last!) i just couldn't help my self thinking about Justin and the kiss last night! its so annoying the fact he was there then he wasn't then he was then he wasn't! ... i wish he would just stay or go!


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