Things just aren't going right for Fiona at the moment. Her family has broke down and school is just getting more unbearable. On her search for a friend she finds herself in a difficult situation. Will she survive to tell the tale of friendship?


3. Tree house

I didn't go home of course. Dad would be home by now and he and mum would be having a large argument over mums alcohol intake that day. My grandparents lived in Devon and my mums parents didn't want anything to do with us. I didn't really have any friends at school just enemies. So I went and sat in a tree. It wasn't a very special tree but it was easy to climb and no one would spot me up it. I was half way up before I heard loud curses . " can you please get off!" I heard from the darkness. Then I realised. I was sitting on a leg. I tried to move but the branch was not big enough. I felt myself falling, I closed my eyes waiting for the pain. It never came. I opened my eyes slowly and found myself gazing into the eyes of the most gorgeous boy I had ever see. " hello there. " he drawled in a wonderful America accent. 

His blue eyes shone in the moonlight and I could just make out a rucksack higher up the tree. "Ya know your trespassing." His voice sounded out into the dark.
" if you were a potato you would be a good potato. " I replied still in my day dream.
" you what potato girl?" He asked confusedly. " I said your trespassing. I almost fell out the tree. " yikes trespassing seriously, why?" I gabbled. 
" this tree is my home and in America you can't just wonder into people's houses and squash their legs whenever they feel like it. " he replied almost shouting. " i never knew it was different in England!" I was shocked, about the fact the tree was his home. I never knew Americans preferred trees to houses. " does every American live in a tree?" I asked politely. The boy burst into laughter. The tears streamed from his eyes. " what's so funny?" I asked. I was finding him quite rude. He never answered that question. Instead he said " hey are you staying for the night cause I'm tired?" I replied with no and climbed down the tree in a very unladylike manner. How embarrassing. 

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