Things just aren't going right for Fiona at the moment. Her family has broke down and school is just getting more unbearable. On her search for a friend she finds herself in a difficult situation. Will she survive to tell the tale of friendship?


2. Terrible news

"Mum, I'm going out with zanna and josh. " I shouted up the stairs. She'll be too drunk to even notice what I just said so without waiting for a answer I left. Zanna and josh are my best friends. They are twins but they look nothing like each other. Sadly they go to a posh private school in town so they can't help me at school. We see each other as often as we can but this week the twins have been in France on a school trip. Before they went they were acting shifty and odd and Zanna text me this morning saying she had got big news. 
     I met them in the park as usual but something was different. Wrong.  

" we have news. " murmured josh barely audibly. 
" mum and dad are moving to South Africa. " chimed in Zanna her eyes full of tears. " for dads work." What was so bad and upsetting about that? It was going to be great. The twins parents were really strict. They didn't allow junk food, sleepovers on school nights or too many sweets. Without them life would be sweet." Yahoooooooo! " I shouted punching the air. "When do they go? This is going to be epic!" Zanna burst into tears leaning on Josh's shoulder. " what's bad is," josh whispered comforting Zanna. " they are taking us with them. " 
" we didn't really go to France on a school trip we went to South Africa. To see our new house. " wept Zanna. 
" you can always visit. " said josh. " it's great there's a swimming pool and monkeys." 
" noooooooooooooo!" I screamed and ran off. 

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