Things just aren't going right for Fiona at the moment. Her family has broke down and school is just getting more unbearable. On her search for a friend she finds herself in a difficult situation. Will she survive to tell the tale of friendship?


5. My safe place

                      If only I lived in my fake dream world. There were drawings all around the walls of my corner, from when we moved here when I was nine. We moved to escape dad. Yes the dad who was earlier so fatherly and caring. He never used to be like that. Most of my childhood memories he was a druggie. He wanted to forget about the past and move on but I couldn't, I just couldn't. 
         Sadly reality was harsh. Dad got arrested for dealing illegal drugs and was given a prison sentence plus he had go to rehab. I didn't see him for two years. Mum never took us to visit him, she even banned us from using his name. She found it tough raising two young girls alone. Grandad died suddenly from a heart attack and grandma had died before I was born. Mum was alone. That's when she started drinking, to drown her souls. She hasn't stopped since. 
     After three years dad came home. He began to take mums place, making sure we were fed and cared for. He couldn't control mum though or her, boyfriends for that matter. I found that just not being around or getting in the way saved me a whole world of pain. Sadly Hannah is talented in staying at home and getting in the way. 


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