Things just aren't going right for Fiona at the moment. Her family has broke down and school is just getting more unbearable. On her search for a friend she finds herself in a difficult situation. Will she survive to tell the tale of friendship?


4. A house not a home

          When I got home dad was waiting by the door pacing the hall. " Fi! Where the hell have you been?" He shouted throwing his hands in the air. " I have been out of my mind." I tried to push past him up the stairs but he wasn't budging. " have you joined a gang? You haven't taken any drugs right? ..." His voiced droned on. 
  " no dad I've been out." I mumbled. Was it so hard to see all I wanted to do was be alone. 
" out, with who, where?" He persistently questioned. 
" with Zanna and josh! " I almost shouted exasperated. 
" you know all I want is for you to be safe." He said squeezing me to him. " you do understand, right, Fi?" I nodded and finally he stepped aside allowing me to retreat to my pit. As I passed mums open door I peaked in. Her room used to be amazing, smelling of strawberries with duck egg curtains and a fluffy rug in the centre. Now it reeked of alcohol and puke. The curtains and carpets stained. 
                        I opened the door of my pit and checked around. Crumpled in a tiny ball on the floor was Hannah my younger sister. Gently I picked her up and carried her to her cosy  corner where she insisted on sleeping. I noticed a fresh bruise on her forehead. Dad had arrived just in time to save her from Gary mums new boyfriend. I gently placed the crumpled body down and retreated to my own corner where I felt safe. 


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