Summer Camp

Kenzie goes to a singing/acting Summer Camp where celebrities are their counselors/mentors. When she gets Zayn Malik as a mentor, will they fall for each other? And will someone try to tear them apart?


14. To The Lake

              I hurried back to the cabin, swinging the door open to see Kayla laying flat on her back singing. "Kayla? What the hell are you doing?" I laughed. She stopped singing and let out a small laugh. "Harry said singing on your back is good for breathing techniques ." I simply nodded and laid back on my back. "Oh by the way, get your bathing suit ready!" I smiled. "Are we going to the lake?" She asked sitting up. "Yup!! Kylie and the guys are coming too." I said. "Yay!" She squealed, getting up and getting into her suitcase.

             "Which color Kenz, pink or purple?" She asked holding up the swimsuits. "Hmm... I think the pink would look good." I nodded. "Good," She said throwing the other swim suit at me. "you're wearing that one then." I looked at her confused. "Why?" I laughed. "Because we can match!!" She said. "Um, no thanks." I said throwing it back at her. "I have my own anyway." I said holding up my one-piece. The next thing I know, shes busting out with laughter. "What??" I said looking at swimsuit. "That thing looks like a grandma should wear it!!" she said ripping it out of my hand. "Now wear this so I don't have to see that dreadful thing on you." She said handing me a black bikini. "This thing is all strings!!" I said looking at is with disgust. "Yeah, it is." Kayla shrugged. "Whatever." I muttered under my breath, walking into the bathroom. "Thank you!!" She shouted as I shut the door.

                I quickly stripped down and slid the bathing suit on, shifting uncomfortably in front of the mirror as I finished tying the top. I fidgeted as I walked out of the bathroom. "Kayla, I really hate this biki- Holy shit!!" I said covering myself, seeing the guys, Kylie, and Kayla watching me. Kayla busted out in laughter. "What Kenz? I bet you look amazing.. can we see?" She asked. I quickly shook my head. "Ugh you're so damn stubborn." She groaned. "Am not!" I said defensively. "Yes, you are." She said. "I bet you look beautiful." Kylie said smiling. "I bet you do too." Zayn smiled, causing me to turn bright red. "Aww, shes blushing!!" Niall pointed out. "Fine." I said dropping my arms to the side. "See," Kayla said putting her hand on her hip. "you look great!!"

              I rolled my eyes and slid my sundress on. "You really do Kenz." Zayn nodded. "Just go out already." Louis scoffed. "Louis, don't be rude!!" Liam said elbowing him. "He isn't being rude, he's right." Harry shrugged. By now, I was about as red as a tomato and so was Zayn. "Now they're both blushing!" Kylie laughed. "Let's go to the lake now, yeah?" I blurted. "Agreed." Zayn said walking to the door. "Don't go off subject now." Kayla laughed, grabbing her stuff. "Oh, but we are." I said walking outside.

            The others followed us outside and we made sure we had everything before leaving. "Now, back to the subject.." Louis said. I shook my head before hearing someone whisper in my ear., it was Zayn. "How about we ditch these losers and go for a walk?" He chuckled lightly. "I'd love to." I smiled. "On the count of three, run as fast as you can and follow me." He whispered. I giggled and nodded, looking back at the others. "One.." He said looking around. "Two.." He smiled, grabbing my hand. "THREE!!" He said taking off, pulling me with him. I looked back at the others, through our trail of dust, seeing them stop. "They're too lazy to follow us." Zayn laughed. "Yeah, especially Kayla." I giggled. I looked up at him and smiled. "So, where are we going?"


(A/N: Sorry for the really long wait for an update.. I've been so ridiculously busy I haven't had the time to be on. But here you guys go and I hope you like it!! <3 Kenzie xx)

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