Summer Camp

Kenzie goes to a singing/acting Summer Camp where celebrities are their counselors/mentors. When she gets Zayn Malik as a mentor, will they fall for each other? And will someone try to tear them apart?


6. Bubble Shoot

     I leaned against the wall of the cabin and pulled out my phone. ‘Damn no service’ I thought to myself. ‘Oh well, Bubble Shoot it is.’ I said clicking the game. I began my game, but it wasn’t long before an annoying voice rang in my ears. “You know what? You’re a bitch!” She shouted, getting everyone’s attention. “And I’m also trying to beat my high score in Bubble Shoot so, goodbye.” I said looking back at my phone. The next thing I know, my phone is in HER hand. “Um, I’d like to have my phone.” I said. “No.” She smirked. “Ooo you’re so bad!” I said rolling my eyes. I stood up and snatched my phone from her. “Slut!” She screamed. “Says the one who is trying to get Zayn in her bed.” I said. "Fuck you!" She shouted. She stomped her foot and stormed away.

   About fifteen minutes later Kylie came out, smiling. “How did it go?” I asked. “Great!” She smiled. “And? Any details?” I asked. “He said that I have great range for a girl my age! And, he asked about you!” She smirked. “Cool.” I said. She furrowed her eyebrows. “You’re not gonna freak out?” She asked. “Why should I? It would drive him away.” I said. “Oh, you’re right.” She said. “But, what did he say?” I laughed. “He just asked about you in general, but I didn’t know some of the answers he asked.” She said. “Like?” I asked. “If you’re single.” She smirked.


(A/N: Sorry for the short chapter!! Writing more now and hopefully will update before bed!! And also thank you guys SOOOO much for all the good feedback and all the likes and favorites!!! <3 you guys!!)

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