Summer Camp

Kenzie goes to a singing/acting Summer Camp where celebrities are their counselors/mentors. When she gets Zayn Malik as a mentor, will they fall for each other? And will someone try to tear them apart?


11. Back To The Cabin

      “Damn, I am good!” I said as I saw them kissing. “Kenzie?” Kayla asked, snapping her head in my direction. “Hey!” I said. Harry and she separated as I walked closer. “Um, why are you here?” She asked. “We got bored.” I shrugged. “And you own me five bucks.” I laughed to Kylie. “As if.” She rolled her eyes playfully. “Well, you know Harry.” She said. “Yeah, hey Harry.” I said. “Hey there!” He smiled. “Hm, you guys make a cute couple.” I said. “Thanks!” Kayla said. “I think so to!” She giggled.

     “It’s hot!” I whined as I sat on the floor. “We know.” Kayla said. “How long are you gonna be here anyway?” She added. “We have like, fifteen minutes before we have to be back.” I said. “Ugh.” She groaned. “What’s your problem?” I asked laughing. “I was kinda busy.” She said. “I saw that, but we’re bored so what are we supposed to do?” I shrugged. “Go hook up with Zayn.” Harry said laughing. “Harry!” I laughed. “He’s right.” Kayla said. “Ok, we’re leaving.” I said getting up. “Come on Kylie.” I added. She got up and we walked to the door. “Bye girls!” Kayla shouted.

     We walked out of the cabin door and headed back to our cabin. “Well, that was kinda awkward.” Kylie said. “Kayla is an awkward person, or well makes things awkward.” I said. She laughed and we walked to our cabin door. I swung the door open and walked in. I looked up and saw Zayn leaning against the wall. “You’re late.” He said. “No I’m not actually, we’ve only been gone for ten minutes.” I said. He playfully rolled his eyes. “You turn for rehearsal.” He said. “I’ll be back.” I said to Kylie. “Have fun.” She smirked.

     I walked towards Zayn who was waiting for me in the hallway. We walked down the hall and to the door. I walked into the room, which was basically empty besides a piano and two chairs. I felt Zayn move my hair to the side. “I saved the best for last.” He whispered in my ear. His voice sent chills up my spine and I shivered. I bit my lip and turned to him. His beautiful brown eyes looked into mine and I practically melted. “So, I uh, um should we start?” I asked.

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