My Best Friend`s Friends

Kitty Holler (Kiara) was best friends with Dani Peazer, living with her even, but when she brings her boyfriend, Liam Payne, and his four friends, trouble starts. Harry likes her, so does Niall. Question is, who will Kitty fall for? Harry? Or Niall? Which will be heartbroken? Will one of them fall for Kitty`s childhood best friend for life, Nala King? Will Kitty leave Dani and the boys, and possibly even Nala forever? Find out in 'My Best Friend`s Friends'!


2. Weird..

I woke up at about 9 am. Loud noises were coming from the living room. I groaned and got up, to find the boys and all the girls in there, playing on the XBox, or the guys playing FIFA and the girls watching, well El kicked Louis butt. Jesus. 
"Morning, sleepy!" Harry said, pulling me out from behind the corner, 
"I wanted to sleep longer, but you people are really fucking loud. Like damn." I said. Niall and Louis laughed. Niall`s laugh, oh my god. Wait am I fan girling? No, I don`t fan girl over friends! 
"Welp, too late now! I bet I can beat you, and your footie pjs at a game is FIFA." Louis challenged me. 
"Whale, you are on! Me and my footies will win!" I stated, grabbing a controller.

I beat Louis, 10-1. I`m just that awesome!
"This is my favorite game, no one can beat me! DA QUEEN!" I laughed, Niall gave me a serious look! WTF!
"I bet I can! I am THE MASTER!" He smirked. I am shocked.
"You are Irish too." He pointed out. 
"I know, just shut it" I demanded.

Beat Niall too. Beat everyone.

"Hell yeah! WHO`S THE MASTER NOW HUH? MEH!"I shouted and got up, walking to my room. Weird ass day. Just strange. I`m acting like these people have known me my whole life! What the fuck. Oh well.

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