My Best Friend`s Friends

Kitty Holler (Kiara) was best friends with Dani Peazer, living with her even, but when she brings her boyfriend, Liam Payne, and his four friends, trouble starts. Harry likes her, so does Niall. Question is, who will Kitty fall for? Harry? Or Niall? Which will be heartbroken? Will one of them fall for Kitty`s childhood best friend for life, Nala King? Will Kitty leave Dani and the boys, and possibly even Nala forever? Find out in 'My Best Friend`s Friends'!


1. New Friends

I groaned as my best friend, Dani, shook me awake. 
"What?" I said, groggy.
"My boyfriend and his friends are coming in about 2 hours, get your ass up!" She said, pulling my cover off of me. God I forgot about that. I got up and into the shower.

After washing myself I blow dried my hair and left that natural, wavy ombre! I pulled on my white shorts and a plain white tank top and pulled my half-sleeve pink hoodie on. I love this hoodie! Just for looks -and Dani doesn`t like me going through the house without shoes on- I put on my white Low top Chuck Taylor converse. I put on some light make up and went out into my room to grab my phone. As I did, I heard the front door open. Great, guests are here. I walked put and saw five guys, one next to Liam, two with girls by their sides, and two just sitting on our couch. 
"Hey, yo, Dani. Hi!" I laughed, sitting on one of the chairs that were in the living room.
"Ok, HI!"She yelled, "Ok, boys and girls, this is my room mate Kitty!" She said, I smiled. 
"Her name is Kitty?" The one with curly hair smiled.
"No, it`s Kiara. But everyone calls me Kitty ever since Lion King 2" I explained.
"Kitty, this is Harry" she pointed to the curly haired boy," Niall." blonde. "Louis." blue eyed brown hair quiff, "Zayn" black haired quiff, "And Liam" The one next to her, "And Perrie, Zayn`s girl friend." Pink hair girl! "And Eleanor! Louis` girlfriend!" next to Louis was a model that I have seen before.
"Holy shit lots of people!" I said, oh yeah did I mention I`m Irish, Niall was like looking at me in awe.
"No cursing!" Harry said, I rolled my eyes. 
"Dude, I`m fucking Irish! I grew up cursing. Get over it" I laughed, getting up to eat. Well then, Harry seems sweet and Niall too, I`m more into Harry than I am Niall though. Niall`s cute yes, but Harry has something about him I think it`s his smile. Yeah, his smile pulls me into him.

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