My Best Friend`s Friends

Kitty Holler (Kiara) was best friends with Dani Peazer, living with her even, but when she brings her boyfriend, Liam Payne, and his four friends, trouble starts. Harry likes her, so does Niall. Question is, who will Kitty fall for? Harry? Or Niall? Which will be heartbroken? Will one of them fall for Kitty`s childhood best friend for life, Nala King? Will Kitty leave Dani and the boys, and possibly even Nala forever? Find out in 'My Best Friend`s Friends'!


3. BFFL!

"KNOCK KNOCK!" I heard a familiar voice say, I looked up from my sheet music to see Nala.
"OMG NALA!"I attacked her in a hug, knocking us both on the floor.
"Hey! Someone`s happy to see me." She smirked.

"Hell yeah I am! I haven`t seen you since you went off for another collage!" I nearly yelled, smiling.
"Haha, who`s the hot guys in your house?" She asked, pointing behind her.
"One Direction, Dani`s boyfriend is in the band. I think his name is Liam, yeah that`s it."I looked at the door, seeing a mop of dark curls. "And Harry, he`s the one with the curls, he`s so cute."I said getting up and walking to the door quietly, then grabbed his curls and pulled his away from my room, "WHAT THE HELL MAN!? SNOOP MUCH?!"I yelled.
"I, uh, I- I was just..."
"Go away. Now" I demanded
"Ok ok!"He scurried out of my room.
"Thank you!" I laughed, only a little bit.
"Who`s the blondie?"
"No the guy"
"Niall. He`s Irish!"I chimed.
"OOOO! I likey!" She giggled. This is why she`s mt best friend for life.

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