it will be okay

This is about a 16 year old girl named Brianna. She has been crushing on Zac Mann for 3 years now and there like best friends but she never told him she likes him. One day he asks her out. later on she meets the new kid Brandon Pulido and they become best friends. to know what happens next read it.


6. still sucks

                                                         Briannas pov:

We goot to my house.

"oh gosh it looks really bad"he said

"ow dont touch it"i said

he takes off hes shirt and puts it on my forehead. oh gos he is soo hot. he has a six pack. he keeps dabbing on it and then our eyes meet. He starts to lean in and right when we were about to kiss.DING DONG. I got up and went to answer the door. It was Zac

"hey brianna im sorry for getting mad at you"he said

"oh uh its ok"i said

"so uh can i come  in"he asked

"well uh im kinda..."i said he interrupted me

"is brandon in there'he asked angerly

"uhhh"i said

"here."he said as he walked away

"ZAC"i shouted

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