it will be okay

This is about a 16 year old girl named Brianna. She has been crushing on Zac Mann for 3 years now and there like best friends but she never told him she likes him. One day he asks her out. later on she meets the new kid Brandon Pulido and they become best friends. to know what happens next read it.


4. Next day

                                                                        Briannas POV:

I got to school early the next day and Zac wasnt gonna get there until later. I walked to my locker and I saw Brandon standing by my locker. 

"oh hey Brandon i didnt know you would be here early what you doing by my locker"i asked

"oh ya my dad has to drop me of early and this is my locker"he said as he pointed to the locker right next to mine

"oh cool our lockers are right next to each other"i said

We talked we lauughed. I liked this guy he was cool. We exchanged numbers and ya.

"wow your my new best friend"he said

"dido haha"i said

We looked around and we noticed there were people around us. I looked at the time and school was gonna start soon. Then Zac came and walked to me and grabbed my arm and took me to his locker i saw Brandon wave i waved back.

"what the heck was that for"i said

"i dont know i just saw you talking to that guy and i dont know im sorry"he said dispointed in himself

"aww your jelous"i said as i kissed him

"oh shut up"he said

"listen i got to get to class see you later"i said

"ok"he said

I walked to class and i saw that cute boy oh Zac how much i love him so much.

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