it will be okay

This is about a 16 year old girl named Brianna. She has been crushing on Zac Mann for 3 years now and there like best friends but she never told him she likes him. One day he asks her out. later on she meets the new kid Brandon Pulido and they become best friends. to know what happens next read it.


5. i ruin everything

                                                             Briannas POV:

the whole time while i was walking to scholl was what zac did i mean why would he do that. he talks to girls all the time and i dont get jealous. When i got to school i saw him talking to one of he's girl friends. i desided to do what he did to me yesterday. so i walked up to him.

"oh hi......"he said but right when he was about to say it i grabbed him and pushed her

"what..what the heck brianna" he said

"i..i"i said. i saw everybody starring at me whispering to each other.

What have i done. i started to tear up. i then ran away right when i was about to the leave i tripped and felll on someones foot. i looked up as he tryed to help me and of coarse it was brandon not that im not happy but when everytime something happens me he's always there to help. 

"bri..brianna what..what happened"he said as he tryed to help me get up

"can..can we just get out of here"i said  as i started to cry

"sure but your head is bleeding"he said 

"it is. can w just get out of here"i said

"sure lets go"

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