it will be okay

This is about a 16 year old girl named Brianna. She has been crushing on Zac Mann for 3 years now and there like best friends but she never told him she likes him. One day he asks her out. later on she meets the new kid Brandon Pulido and they become best friends. to know what happens next read it.


2. He asks me out

                                           Briannas POV:

I got to school and i was getting my books out of my locker and then my best friend zac came.

"HEEY GURRRLL"he shouted

'HEEEYYY BOIII"i shouted even louder everyine stared at us and we just waved and laughed.

Me and Zac are like tight we do everything together. But i really dont like him just as friends yes im crushing on my best friend who cares this usually happens to most girls that have a guy best friend anyways we walked to class. It was so gross because in science we had to disect cow eyes i didnt want to do it because it grossed me out. 

"your such a baby Brianna"said Zac while hes poking the eye with his pencil

"can you like shut up and stop poking the eye"i said as i walked out

A couple minutes later he walked out and stode next to me.

"what happened"i asked

"well uhh...."he started to say

"you chickened out and you left" i said

"what no...pshh yes"he said sadly

"ahaha dont ever call me a baby ever again"i said to him

After school we walked home to my house.

"hey uhh Brianna will you like go out with me"he asked

"YES YES"i shouted

We spent the rest of the day watching wreak it ralph.

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