it will be okay

This is about a 16 year old girl named Brianna. She has been crushing on Zac Mann for 3 years now and there like best friends but she never told him she likes him. One day he asks her out. later on she meets the new kid Brandon Pulido and they become best friends. to know what happens next read it.


1. just me

Hi im Brianna San Agustin. Im 16 years old. I live in LA california.  I play the ukulele and dance. Im crushing my best friend Zac Mann. I live with just me my Cousin Mathias Anderle and my brother Alex. My parents got devorced and me and my brother lived with my dad for a while then he got sick and died my mom didnt want anything to do with us so we are living with my 19 year old Mathias hes the best.

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