How do you plead?

Jane is a beautiful young lady that everyone like but one day the General purposes to her will she say yes or no and what is the out come.


1. Innocent

"hello Jane got anything for me today,"
"of corse I do," I replied with a smile I reached into my bag and pulled out a letter from my bag "from Mr.Gorge Washington himself," I whispers in the bar tenders ear I started towards the door "See ya tonight," I called on my way out. I walked down the busy streets of Williamsburg horses were walking up and down the muddy streets splashing mud  everywhere. My next stop was the blacksmith. 
"how do ya do," Miss. Smith askedI walked past her bakery "good and you,"  I smiled as I walked out "fine," she replied. I turned the corner leaving the mud roads for a nice rock street. "Hello Liza," I patted the border collie on the head as I walked past she licked my hand and fallowed me until I got to the door of the blacksmith. " I walked in "Mr.Martin I have a letter for you," I said once I got to the front desk like thing with horse shoes and other stuff like that on it Will walked right up to me as always he was a dashing young fellow with not to short brown hair he always hade tied in a pony tail with brown eyes. 
"Jane," he said as he walked over to me dabbing his face with a cloth he was dripping with sweat as always I don't blame him it is very hot I here with no place for the heat to go his face was black like he hade just rubbed himself in a bunch of coal but as always his white teeth were the cleansed thing on his face with that smile of his that shows all of then and his welcoming smile 
"Got a letter for Mr.Martin," 
"I'll take that," he said ripping it out of my hands and placing it on the table next to him I laughed so did he of course 
" was down in the silversmiths shop the other day you was walking by and guess who was checking you out,"
"he is way to posh for me he's a general and I'm only a delivery girl besides I have my eye on someone else,"
" I bet he feels the same about you I mean who would not," he said leaning over the counter a little edging closer to my face I giggled. "Will leave the poor girl be she has work to do and so do you," Mr.Harris yelled still concentrating on his project " see ya at the tavern tonight," I whispered in his ear as I left.  I walked out into the busy streets I was done for the day so I went to Mr.Potssmith's printing shop 
"hello my dearest child," he said when I entered "hello," I replied "what can I do for you today," he said I giggled his english accent was funny "just looking for a book," he looked at as if made up a new word "first you need 4 shillings," 
"here you go 4 shillings," George said putting 4 shillings on the counter "very well what type of book do you want," Mr.Potssmith asked me "Fantasy please," he handed me his supply of fantasy books "I'll take this one," I picked up he one I thought was most interesting I walked to the door "goodbye Mis.Foster," he said still smiling as I left 
"where did you come from," I asked George
"I saw you in the window shale I walk you to your house,"
"you shale," I may dislike him but I still need to show respect so I said yes as we walked to my house we talked about this and that when we were almost there I saw Will he smiled I just rolled my eyes we got to a nice White House with flowers all around it my sisters were sitting on the lawn they were always jealous of me and the fact that the general liked me right as my mum walked around the corner  he swooped down and kissed me his soft lips against mine I felt like slapping him but again I can't he pulled away and smiled I just giggled and pretended to be happy "goodbye," I smiled as he walked away he turned around and bowed everyone who saw that clapped my sisters just sat there looking furious my mom was crying she dropped what she was doing and ran over to me and hugged me.
"I'm going to go change out of my work clothes,"
"go a head," she said I walked into the house closed the door and ran upstairs to my room. I looked out my window Will was standing there I smiled but he just looked up at me with a heart broken look on his face he turned and started to walk away I opened the window and I don't care if there were a bunch of people standing there I yelled "Wait Will I love you," he turned around I was about to break out in tears I slammed the window shut and ran out the house people tried to stop me and ask what was going on little did I know that I was being followed by George  and Will I ran past he brick makers until I found a little stream far  away from that place I sat down on a rock by the stream that's when Gorge found me he kneeled down and pulled out a little box with a big diamond ring.
"Jane Amelia Foster will you be my..."
"NO," I said slapping him in the face "I don't love you I love someone else never will be you and never has been," he just looked at me surprised look on his face just then it started raining I ran in a clearing in bushes where Will was hiding I ran over to him and kissed him the feeling of his soft lips against mine he put his hands on my hips input i put mine on the side of his face we stood there for what seemed like hours kissing when George  stormed in.
"Get you large grubby hands away from my woman," he yelled
"didn't you hear cupcake she doesn't love you," George hurled himself forward punching Will right in the face he got back at him and did the same but harder braking his delicate little nose this got him really mad he pulled out his sword and shoved it right in Wills arm. 
"that will hold you off till you get to prison," he smirked    then he left I ran over to Will "I'm so sorry," I sobbed in his ear I hade to get him to the river or home but how I'm not that strong I gently pulled the the sword out of his arm I took my apron of a wrapped in around the wound tightly till it stopped bleeding I grabbed my bag and inside was a little roll of gauze I wrapped that around his arm I helped him get up I put his arm around my shoulder just then the nobles arrived.
"Jane Amelia Foster you are under arrest for hurting this poor man and the. punching the general," he said the other men grabbed a hold of my arms "no,no," I yelled before one of them knocked me out with a large stick. "bring this man and General George to the hospital," was the last thing I here him yell. My head hurts so bad I sat up I looked around I stuck in a cell with a bunch of prisoners then I remembered what hade happens the night before " welcome to hell," one of the other people said"Miss.Foster come this way please," said the guard pushing me out of the cell "this way Miss."he walked me up to the court house in the capital he led me through the huge doors lots of people came to see my trial.
"Miss.Foster I hear you punched General George J Kadersmith  in the nose and then you took his sword and stabbed poor William Kade Turner in the arm with it how do you plead?"


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