How do you plead?

Jane is a beautiful young lady that everyone like but one day the General purposes to her will she say yes or no and what is the out come.


5. Home?

"Let's go to the tavern tonight," I suggested 

"ya lets get drunk and break into someone house and kill them," she said excitedly 

"ok," she was excited when she said that 

"but first where are we going to stay because we need shelter?"

"I have an idea," I said leading her to abandoned house 

"wow this place is huge," she was shocked "and no one lives here," 


"how did you find out about this place,"

"well a friend of mine named William but I call him Will use to come out here and play when we where little while this hous was being built," as we walked up to the door a golden lad came to greet us "hello Jane ohh and Penny," I said as a black one come flying around the corner then followed by a brown one who started to growl and so did the huskey "guys it's ok Maddies umm a friend," I was ganna say nice but I don't think that's the right word choice.We walked in the house it was very eligent with its mahogany staircase and the white walls coverd with paintings of people and beautiful landscapes witch I'm guessing is Canada.

"I've never seen those types of dogs before,"

"umm ya an old customer of mine lived here he was from Canada and his painting and the dogs where his only reminders of home he said once he passes on I can have the house and the dogs so this is my house,"

"what type of dogs are these?"

"well ones a Huskey his name is Deamon he's not to fond of people but he's very loyal and does almost what ever I tell him to do and the others are Labrador Retriever that ones James," I said pointing towards the brown one in the corner "That's Jane and the black one is Penny," said as she ran over to the window to bark at a cat "that must be why she was barking at you she must have seen the cat she's the type of dog who won't hurt a fly the only dangerous thing about her has to be her tail,"


Authers Note:

I know it's been forever silence I last updated and yes Labs are from Canada and I tried to make penny match my lab so ya. 😀

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