How do you plead?

Jane is a beautiful young lady that everyone like but one day the General purposes to her will she say yes or no and what is the out come.


4. Her story

" who are you," I asked the girl she looked like she was around 18-21
"why does it matter," she said in a snobby voice  
"because you just killed a man," I said almost yelling 
"well so did you,"
"good point,"
"anyway my name is Maddison but I go by Maddie and if you don't call me that I will shoot you," 
"I'm.." I bade to think of something tougher then Jane "Chris," 
"hmm," I could tell she wasn't buying it "well why did you want to kill him," she asked curiously
"he destroyed everything I hade and almost got me arrested and you,"
"well it started along time ago," 
Flash Back 
"You little bitch," a fat old lady that I call mom yelled in my face "get back to work,"
I walked back towards the fields I worked for hours with hot spring sun shinning down on my back.
"hey Maddie," Josh stopped me on my way home 
"Hey Josh were ya going?"   
"I'm done for today," he smiled I smiled with that smile of his it's hard not to I walked home right as I walked through the door I was greeted by a slap my mother slap 
"How dare you steal stuff," she yelled in my face
" what," I didn't do nothing for once 
" Your on trial this evenings fo r stealing,"
               45 min later

"miss.Maddison Jane Copperfield you are brought up here to my attention for stealing a silver spoon set from a Mr.Jackson Gibbs Sparrow,"
"I didn't do nothing," I swear its true 
"is that true now," he asked me glaring down at me 
"you are guilty Miss.Copperfeild I saw it me self you are there by guilty and you shall get 100 lashes of the whip no until you die," 
"No," I screamed as they dragged me away  they pushed me down on the ground in the middle of the town everyone came to watch. Josh came strolling out of the pub he's never been one to watch the beatings he's always hated them he looked in the circled to see who it was what he saw was Gorge James Kadersmith beating the living hell out of me "stop," I heed how yell but do you think they would listen Josh got in the way of the whip and it hit him i he was down on the ground now Gorge was whipping him 
"go," he whispered in my ear 
"I love you," I whispered back 
"me too," after he said that I got up and ran I ran as far as I could I ran to a little stream just past the brick makers I stayed there overnight the next morning I snuck back into town everyone was crowding around Joshes house crying. I pushed my way through the crowd Joshes dad walked out carrying Josh in his arms.
"what happened," a little girl asked 
"he was beaten," replied Josh's little brother between sobs 
"ya but that was yesterday,"
"he died of his wounds," his mom cried even harder 
Ever silence Gorge took my love away I have hated him 

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