How do you plead?

Jane is a beautiful young lady that everyone like but one day the General purposes to her will she say yes or no and what is the out come.


2. Free

"I'm not guilty I promise," I could see my sisters smirking 
"are there any wittinesses,"
"yes sir there is one," said the clerk "William Kade Turner," 
"very well bring him up," 
"your honor she is not guilty,"
"then who is may I ask,"
"General George J Kadersmith," he said pointing to him
"you are mistaking sir please tell me what happened,"
"well General over there purposed to Miss.Foster she said no and walked away she ran over to me and kissed me General got upset and punched me and I fell and kicked him in the nose on my way down not on purpose and then he got mad and and shoved his sword in my arm," he was using one of my old techniques that I would use on George if I didn't want to talk witch is every time. Then in the the back of the room a man stood up he was a tall brunet very handsome but not as handsome as Will "I think the man is telling the truth sir he was all bandaged up wasn't he and she was trying to help him so I think it was the General,"
"very well," said the Judge giving in "Miss.Jane Amelia       Foster you are free and General we are downgrading you,"  I walked ok of the building with Will "thanks for sticking up for me back there and I'm sorry about what happens to you," I said about in tears then he stopped me in my tracks and put his finger under my chin and raised it so I was looking up "you've done so much for this town and its people you have no reason to be sorry," he said before missing me "now lets go to the tavern it's Friday dancing night," always my favorite day get drunk and dance and sing until dawn. we walked down to the tavern everyone greeted me as always I sat down at the bar "I'll take two ales please," I asked the bar tender he handed me two wood mugs right then Will sat down next to me taking the other ale "what a day," he mumbled "I know," I said then the fiddle started playing I looked at Will and smiled "I'm up," I said with joy I sang and danced to the song Teir Abhaile Riu an old Celtic song also my favorite.Then a little kid ran in "Someone's house is on fire and no one got out of the house!" he yelled everyone looked scared we all ran outside and farther down the street and there stood a house not just any house my house or where it stood.

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